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Can you relate? “We throw marketing stuff out there, but engagement is low…”

Last week’s marketing session addressed a big, overwhelming challenge:

“We’re throwing content out there, but not getting any response back. We’re getting ‘Likes’ on Facebook… but we have ZERO engagement with those people. I feel like our strategy right now is throwing content out there, but not knowing what to do.”

– Aaron Britz, RIA, CEO and President of Legacy Wealth Management, a fee-only financial planning firm

Do you relate?

Can you explain ‘Derivatives’ in simple terms?

Marvin emailed me. Money-words

I had to pause.

He was responding to the Explain Jargon to Clients Tool I shared with him. The tool helps advisors explain common financial jargon in ‘human words’ people can actually understand.

What about ‘derivatives’? After some thought (and consulting some of the Blueleaf team), I replied with this idea:

A financial derivative is just a contract which has a value that is “derived” from the value of other assets the contract is tied to.…

Your 3-Month Plan for Attracting Clients From Scratch

I recently had a marketing coaching session with newly independent CFP Scott Davison.

He needed help understanding how to go about attracting new clients – from scratch.  Listen in for a 3-month plan to start TODAY and drive trackable results to your advisory business.

0:00 Introduction
0:35 Scott’s Introduction
1:30 Approachable, Transparent Advisors
2:55 “Going Fishing”
4:20 Whittle Down Clients
9:51 Common Pain points & How to Communicate Them
11:15 Example of Balance
14:10 What am I typing into Google to find an advisor?…

Dear Advisor: Why haven’t I heard from you?

The following is part of Blueleaf’s The “Dear Advisor” Campaign, encouraging open collaboration and service innovation in the financial industry like never before.

Letters are submitted by members of the general public who, at all stages of life, have an honest message to share with you. Let’s redefine what “value to my client” means.

Adam_sigelAdam Sigel lives in Brookline, MA with his wife and dog.…

RIA Registration: The Nuts, Bolts, and Must-Knows

Today’s guest post is by RIA in a Box. RIA in a Box is a leading provider of registration and compliance services to registered investment adviser firms. They’ve helped over 2,000 fellow entrepreneurs establish their own RIA firms and remain in constant compliance with regulatory guidelines by pairing our team of former regulators with cutting-edge compliance software.

How To Introduce Account Aggregation to Clients

introduce_account_aggregation_easyIt’s time to calm your nerves.

Rolling out account aggregation can be very straight forward.

The amount of work needed per client depends on the complexity of the system and that, in turn, governs how quickly you can roll out without an overwhelming amount of support requests. (Step #1 helps you avoid this.)

Ultimately a good roll out process is about communicating clearly with clients; what you’re planning, why you’re doing it and why it benefits them.…

Be Different: Help Clients Invest In Their Happiness (Really. It’s science.)

Money can buy happiness.

Really. It’s science.

Michael Norton, social science researcher and professor at Harvard Business school, shared fascinating research about the relationship between money and happiness at a TEDx conference in Cambridge.

Here’s what he found…

… but since it’s 11 minutes long, and some of us are “too busy” for that, we can cut to the chase – What’d he find?

[Advisor Forum] If you have questions after marketing course “Get More Leads w/ Low Maintenance Strategies”

This is an open forum for Financial Advisors who attended the Blueleaf Online Marketing Course “Get More Leads w/ Low Maintenance Strategies” to ask follow-up questions and engage with other attendees.

Post questions (or drop a note) in the Comments below.

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15 Essential Steps to Meeting Your Fiduciary Duty

Fiduciary responsibilities are integral to your work as a financial advisor.

It’s your job to not only act with a high fiduciary standard of care, but it’s also your job to communicate this with your clients.

Your clients, both current and prospective, have grown increasingly anxious about the state of their savings and investments. Most advisors feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the fiduciary standards and wonder how to maintain best practices as their business grows.…

“I hope he NEVER pays us,” admits CEO of software company

Business conferenceIt happened yesterday.

During a 10:30am meeting in downtown Boston, the CEO of a financial services software company exclaimed, “I hope he NEVER pays us,” to a room full of employees.

Everyone nodded.

While most CEOs – and other top executives – focus their teams on how to funnel more and more customers through their sales process, and collect more and more money from customers once they’re in, Prendergast doesn’t feel the need to fit that standard.…