How Content Lands this Small Town Advisor Big Clients from over 300 Leads Per Year


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In This Episode

Pete Matthew isn’t your typical advisor. He’s cracked the code on two marketing channels. He’s netted almost 7 million video views and 4.5 million podcast downloads.

And with over 300 leads per year and growing, his biggest problem is keeping up with the demand he’s created.

Oh and the big clients he’s landing are London bankers while he’s from a tiny little town on the coast of England.

Pete shares his story of getting started in content and how it’s help him create a thriving business.

We get into the details on this one. We pull apart one of his most successful videos and discusss:
– Topic generation,
– Titles & thumbnails
– Critical first 30 seconds
– Retention

We compare podcasting and video production and how he’s woven it all into his business. We also get a look at Pete in the very beginning so you can see that starting modestly can create big results.

Finally we talk about creating conversions and generating leads from all his content.

This episode is jam packed with insight. I hope you learn a lot. I know I did.

Link to his own show, Meaningful Money: ———————————

Some of Pete’s biggest influences mentioned in this episode include:

Getting Things Done by David Allen:

Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion by Gary Vaynerchuk:

Pat Flynn:

Michael Hyatt:

Our Guest

Our guest on The Augmented Advisor is Pete Matthew. He is the CEO of Jackson’s Wealth Management and host of Meaningful Money.

Pete began his journey into content creation around 2009. He wanted to help more people than he could reach one-on-one. He had a passion for teaching, passed down from his father. Then he was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crush It. So he took the plunge into content creation. Starting with YouTube videos, he aimed to make personal finance understandable for the everyday person. He started slow. And the videos initially reached a small audience. Pete persisted, fueled by his love for the process and the potential impact.

The breakthrough came when Pete embraced podcasting in 2012. The Meaningful Money podcast quickly became a hit. It filled a gap in the UK for accessible financial advice. Then in 2019, he had a video break out and his YouTube channel took off.

This success translated into a big increase in leads for his advisory business. His firm grew into a larger operation, thriving on the leads generated through Pete’s content.

Pete’s content strategy revolves around simplicity and relatability. He believes in breaking down complex financial concepts into easily digestible information.

For advisors looking to leverage content creation, Pete’s story underscores several key lessons:

Start with Passion: Pete’s love for teaching and helping others shines through his content, making it engaging and genuine. What do you love teaching?

Be Persistent: It took years for Pete’s efforts to pay off significantly. Success in content creation is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s faster today but success still isn’t built overnight.

Focus on Value: Deliver actionable advice that can impact your audience’s lives. It will always be more appealing than dry, technical analysis.

Embrace Learning: Pete continually refined his skills in content creation and marketing. That’s what eventually led to growth.

Pete’s journey from solo advisor to content creator offers invaluable insights. By combining a sincere desire to help with a strategic approach, advisors can significantly grow their business.


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