Blueleaf on the Breaking Banks Podcast: The Art of Innovation

Blueleaf CEO, John Prendergast joins Jason Henrichs, host of Provoke FM’s Breaking Banks podcast for a conversation with April J. Rudin, innovator, change-maker, and Founder of The Rudin Group. They discuss pain-points wealth management is facing and to explore what’s next for the industry.

Breaking Banks is the the #1 global fintech radio show and podcast.…

Think your clients aren’t tech savvy? Think again…

“My clients aren’t tech savvy.”

Many advisors throw around the claim “My clients aren’t tech savvy” as if they know what they’re talking about. If you find yourself saying this, know that you’re making an assumption. It’s not based on facts. Regardless of how confident you feel or how much you think you know your clients, this statement is not widely true.…

How To Introduce New Technology To Your Clients

Introducing new technology to clients is a challenge.

Let’s face it, whether you are a technophile with all the latest gadgets or someone who has just started to hear about a new company called Instagram, most of us are not experts at consumer behavior with technology. So rolling out new systems for your clients may create a little apprehension.…

Find Out How Blueleaf Automates AUM Growth

A typical Thursday morning.

It’s a typical Thursday morning in New York City as one experienced financial advisor begins his day.

Blueleaf AUM Tools

He logged into Blueleaf and notices one of his clients’ accounts had doubled.

The Advisor sends a quick email to Blueleaf’s service team.

“Double-counting of account today… Can you look into it?”

He’s left the office hoping they fix their numbers before the client notices the mistake in his online portal.…

Financial Planning Software that Makes Plan Operations Pain Free

financial planning software for easier operationsI’m going to vocalize a secret that I’m sure many financial planners have:

I love finding new clients and designing their plans with them, but I find the implementation of these plans tedious.

If you’re reading this by yourself and feel this way, throw a fist pump in the air, “Yes! It’s not just me.” However, if you happen to be reading in this in the presence of other financial planners, just shake your head and say, “He obviously doesn’t care about his clients.”…

The Top 5 Ways Advisors Use Their Tablet

In an advisor technology survey last year, 46% of respondents reported using an iPad or other tablet technology in their firm. When asked how they use their tablet, five noticeable trends emerged.

Here are the Top 5 Ways Advisors Use Their Tablets:

1. In-Person Client Presentations

ipad_printable_timesheetSome advisors do entire presentations on a tablet, while others prefer to run the presentation on a screen and allow the client to follow along and make notes on a tablet.…

Explain Like I’m Six: Account Aggregation

Account aggregation. It was a daunting term the first time you saw it.

While most people in the industry are familiar with account aggregation technology at this point, you now face the challenge of explaining it to your clients.

You’ve invested in account aggregation, are excited about the capability to aggregate their accounts, and know it’s going to increase the level of service you provide (and rock their world), but how do you begin to explain it to them?…

I can run my advisory business from anywhere. Here’s how I roll…

“I Can Work From Anywhere, Man!” 

My 3-year-old son loves that song Johnny Cash sang called “I’ve Been Everywhere, Man!”, even if he only catches the word “Man!” at the end of each line. I haven’t been everywhere, but I can work anywhere, Man! When my son begs to go to work with his Daddy (and current best friend), he isn’t just talking about the traditional office in a building with a desk and chair.…

Getting Clients to Go “All In” with Held-Away Assets

“I’m all in,” said Mr. Jones.

Hold on a minute people. I see all you poker players reaching for your chips… this isn’t a game of Hold’em. These are the words of a client when he’s found the advisor he can trust to manage ALL of his assets. When used in this context, these three words may as well come with sunshine, a beach and a margarita… because to most advisors, this is heaven.…