Imagine Clients are Panic-Resistant and Always Follow Your Advice

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Last Updated on May 14, 2024 by Connor Prendergast

Imagine clients are panic-resistant and always follow your advice.

Nice huh? I just spoke with THAT advisor (simple lesson).

→ BEFORE that I talked with another
→ Advisor who was our prospect.
→ What a contrast.

→ He talked about working hard to get
→ Clients consistently follow his advice especially
→ When the media puts out some bogus story on missing out.

But THAT advisor (on Blueleaf) who I spoke to. Different story:
→ No rush of worried calls or NEW ideas.
→ Just solid client connection.
→ And calm execution.

Her clients execute their plans. Why?

She keeps things simple:
↳ Planning meetings, monthly newsletter,
↳ Annual reviews, Quarterly reports,
↳ Birthday cards etc.

In that way, she is like “most advisors”.

But she also messages clients 1-2 times per week.
Much “more” than most advisors.
But her job is “easier.”

She sends simple messages:
↳ “I just reviewed your plan, keep going.”
↳ “Here’s how your money has changed
↳ it’s very different than the market.”

Email works for her, but any channel could work.

Her clients get:
1. Where they stand
2. How they are doing
3. And their money ≠ the market

The simple lesson is:
→ With just a bit “more”
→ Frequent personalized
→ Messaging she shifted their focus

→ Away from media-driven fears
→ And goofy distractions that
→ Happen every day.

She’s made her clients ride smoother. You can too.

→ Follow her playbook
→ And your clients will
→ Say “Thank you”

What “extra” are you doing to see clients follow your advice?


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