7 Things No One Tells You About Keeping Clients Engaged

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7 things no one tells you about keeping clients engaged:

My best tips from hundreds of calls with advisors

(1) The Panic-Free Portfolio
↳ Clients don’t panic when they know their portfolio is stable.

(2) Automation Isn’t Impersonal
↳ Used right, it strengthens client relationships.

(3) Frequent Updates, Less Fear
↳ Keeping clients updated makes them media resistant.

(4) The Human Touch
↳ Simple, direct messages make clients feel important.

(5) Education Reduces Alarm
↳ Teaching clients about the market cuts down on worried calls.

(6) Stories Matter
↳ Co-creating clients’ financial narratives deepens relationships.

(7) Your Confidence, Their Calm
↳ Your confidence spreads; it keeps clients steady.

PS Mastering these makes you the advisor everyone trusts.

My favorite is number 3.

What is your favorite or what would you add?


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