The One Rebalancing Trick That Creates Real Client Value & Could Expand Your Business


For most advisors, rebalancing is an area of wealth management that doesn’t seem to fit with everything else they do. Clients are advised to look at their finances holistically. Rebalancers mostly work with single-managed accounts. It’s a systemic disconnect that we’ve all had to deal with. Fixing that disconnect could be key to expanding the business.

Blueleaf now has a rebalancer that bridges the disconnect of traditional rebalancing systems. Now the advice advisors give can be aligned with the way they manage assets. Blueleaf has a rebalancer that works at the household level and incorporates even held-away assets.

Household Rebalancing is a Differentiator and a Growth Engine

No one else has this. Those are words that are often spoken but rarely proven. You can take our word for it on this one. We spoke with hundreds of advisors and researched dozens of software applications. There just aren’t any tools out there that can reliably rebalance portfolios containing managed and held-away assets. Most of them only do single accounts. Even multi-account rebalancers can’t do the whole job.

What clients really care about is a way to holistically manage wealth across their household. Yet, each member of a household usually has accounts managed via different models. Take 401(k) plans for instance. One may be super aggressive while the other is somewhat conservative. Our rebalancer can apply a single model across both, along with all other managed and held-away assets in the household. Do you have a tool that can do that now?

Visualize this from a growth perspective. No one else has it. That gives you a competitive advantage right away. Internally, the ability to rebalance an entire household can lead to clients trusting you with more assets, referring friends, and bringing additional family members under your management umbrella. Used properly, this new holistic rebalancing becomes a differentiated service and a growth engine.

True Holistic Wealth Management is Finally Possible

The term “holistic wealth management” has been in use for decades. Until now, it’s never been fully realized. Advisors can give advice based on holistic principles but have been unable to follow those up on the asset management side of the equation. With the Blueleaf rebalancer, the time has finally come where true holistic wealth management is possible to deliver at scale.

Financial recommendations are more meaningful when they incorporate accounts that the advisor doesn’t directly manage. It shows the client that you have a full grasp of their situation. That encourages them to expose you to more of their outside assets. By offering advice on those assets, deliver better results for your clients and gather more assets for your business.

A Tool for Financial Planners and Asset Managers

CFP® who are not investment-focused will appreciate our new rebalancer because they treat the financial plan as the guiding light for the entire investment process. The ability to view and rebalance all accounts together helps them reduce trading, lower trade costs, and minimize tax liabilities. That’s what their clients are paying for.

Asset managers also benefit from lower trading costs and minimized tax liability for their clients. In particular, asset managers will love the value they can deliver via better asset location across accounts. Higher return, less tax efficient assets are bought within tax preferred accounts while lower return, more tax efficient assets can be placed in taxable accounts.

All this is possible with holistic household-level rebalancing. Blueleaf has it. Financial planners and asset managers can both benefit from it. Call one of our coaches today to get connected. 

Sophistication without the Complexity

A streamlined interface on top of a market-leading engine, leaving you with a beautifully-designed rebalancing tool that will make your firm easier to operate.

Kevin D. Flynn is a former Head Coach at Blueleaf and founder of Flynn Consulting, LLC, a business and financial coaching service for startups and small business owners.
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