Communicating with Clients

Blueleaf on the Breaking Banks Podcast: The Art of Innovation

Blueleaf CEO, John Prendergast joins Jason Henrichs, host of Provoke FM’s Breaking Banks podcast for a conversation with April J. Rudin, innovator, change-maker, and Founder of The Rudin Group. They discuss pain-points wealth management is facing and to explore what’s next for the industry.

Breaking Banks is the the #1 global fintech radio show and podcast.…

How one advisor mastered client communication, got featured in the Wall Street Journal

Disruption is never popular at the outset. Traditionalists express disdain towards it. Moderates view it as a curiosity. Pioneers take a chance and are sometimes rewarded for it. This is rare in financial services, where tradition all too often wins over innovation. Not in this case.

CFP Katie Stokes is a pioneer. Katie initially shied away from Blueleaf’s automated email update feature before embracing the platform, mastering client-centric communication, and getting featured in the Wall Street Journal for her efforts.…

The Ultimate Communication Strategy that Keeps Clients Calm and Confident

Clients are looking for guidance. If you don’t provide it, they will find it elsewhere. Here’s the thing: most advisors believe that a steady stream of information only drives more fear. The truth is that receiving clear, simple, consolidated information about one’s money on a regular basis makes people feel better, calmer and more in control.

Advisors that provide client-centric communications are better positioned to maintain positive relationships with clients because they can keep those clients on-track to achieve their long-term goals.…

Why CNBC is Your Biggest Competitor in the Wealth Management Space

It may seem counterintuitive, but the media may be any wealth advisor’s biggest competitor. No, CNBC isn’t going to steal your clients per se, but the media can significantly edge in on clients’ attention spans, leaving little room for anything else (like sound advice, for example). The media has the power to spur panic, discord, and confusion, prompting many clients to take rushed or even reckless actions when it comes to their finances.…

Katie Stokes Chats About Virtual Client Service

Katie Stokes, financial analyst for Core Advisors, recently sat down with us for a chat about virtual client services and how to implement them. Due to COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, many business are switching to digital/virtual services to assist customers and clients with the high-quality service they deserve. Here’s what Katie had to say on the subject:

Transcript of the Interview:

John – So, you know, Katie, thank you for being here today.…

Communicating your value to clients in a down market

Suggested email template

This email assumes your client is in a properly diversified portfolio and that you replace the content in the [brackets]

We did have our friends in compliance review this. However, your compliance team should review before you send.

For each client you’ll need to choose:
[time frame and index for performance]
– We suggest 30 days and the S&P 500
[the account or collection of client accounts referenced]
– We suggest the broadest collection of accounts you manage

You’ll need to fill in:
[performance of the relevant collection of accounts]
[$ value of the difference between actual and performance if invested in the S&P]

Here is the text.…

Think your clients aren’t tech savvy? Think again…

“My clients aren’t tech savvy.”

Many advisors throw around the claim “My clients aren’t tech savvy” as if they know what they’re talking about. If you find yourself saying this, know that you’re making an assumption. It’s not based on facts. Regardless of how confident you feel or how much you think you know your clients, this statement is not widely true.…

3 Strategies for Thriving After the DOL Rule

In our previous post on the upcoming DOL rule we presented massive new threats for RIAs. You will have thousands of new competitors and your best sales pitch – unbiased advice – will no longer be differentiated. We suggested you start communicating with existing clients to get ahead of these competitive threats.

We’re begging you – please wake up

After we published this post I had a quick email exchange with our friend Michael Kitces.

How to Use Video to Make Client Onboarding Less Painful

Is your client onboarding process long and tedious? The chances are it is.

Using video may be one way to help streamline things.

A client onboarding reality check

I just retained my family’s first financial advisor.

Experiencing the client onboarding process first hand from a client’s perspective was not fun.

I’m not putting the advisor at fault because it seems to be a problem with my clients and other advisors as well.…