Want to Elevate your Client Convos to TED talk Level

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Last Updated on March 5, 2024 by Connor Prendergast

Want to elevate your client convos to TED talk level

Learning this key certainly surprised me …

Ever wonder why some TED Talks go viral and others don’t? 🤔

Neither did I.

But I do want to get better on video,
And when I speak live.
So I did the research.

What I learned surprised me.

All TED speakers are:
a. Charismatic
b. Polished
c. Smart

But the most popular have a curious feature in common.

Vanessa Van Edwards’ team studied thousands of hours of TED Talks

They looked at everything
– Body language
– Vocal variety
– Outfit choices

The result?

The most popular TED Talkers used an average of
465 hand gestures in 18 minutes,
2x the least popular ones. 🙌

Hand Gestures 🖐️ punctuate concepts

Our brain gives them 12.5 times more weight than our WORDS


The most engaging speakers you know,
Likely use their hands a lot while talking,
Underlining their points with physical, & visual cues.

This dual communication makes their message more captivating and memorable.

How can this help your client communication?

Hand gestures will make you
↳More effective
↳More engaging
↳More memorable

How do you do it?
1. Think about gestures as part of your presentations – plan them in.
2. Plan gestures for key moments in client conversations
3. Reframe your webcam to include hands in the shot

So, next time you’re giving a presentation or even having a conversation, remember to “talk” with your hands too.

How is your setup for video calls, hands or no hands?


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