Harnessing Short-form Video – Lessons from a Viral Video Marketing Wizard


Last Updated on June 6, 2024 by Connor Prendergast

In This Episode:

Want to learn how to create incredible growth using short-form video?

Join John Prendergast and the most followed CFP® on the planet, Nick Meyer, as they dive deep into transformative strategies for mastering short-form video marketing. Nick’s wealth management and personal finance videos have been viewed over 350 million times so he knows how to create reach.  This conversation is packed with actionable advice for anyone aiming to grow their business by growing a following through video. 

Nick will share all kinds of tips about what makes a video go viral, how to script, shoot and edit and he walks us through his entire production system.

This is one you don’t want to miss.

Our Guest:

After spending 4 years as a financial advisor, Nick Meyer, CFP® made the jump to becoming a full-time short-form video content creator. Today, he has over 1.8 million followers and his content (which educates viewers on various personal finance topics) has been viewed over 350,000,000 times. His mastery of short-form video has led him to working on marketing campaigns with some of the largest financial institutions in the US, such as Fidelity, Discover Bank, & Ally Bank. Late last year, Nick joined forces with another financial content creator, Nate Hoskin, CFP®, to form N2 Content Marketing, because they realized there was nobody else in the world more qualified than them to teach financial advisors how to grow their business with short-form video content. N2 offers “done with you” Course + Coaching packages, and a “done for you” short-form video production service called The Video Vault where they fly to your location, record 60-120 videos for you, and handle all the back-end editing/posting work. Check out their website at n2contentmarketing.com or you can reach out to Nick directly at nick@n2contentmarketing.com.

Connect with Nick:


Posts reviewed in video:

Tax time post: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/Wf1OxHjDVHc

Banker vs fisherman post: https://www.tiktok.com/@nicktalksmoney/video/7345230626913520938

In this engaging talk, John and Nick cover:

1️⃣ How to hook an audience: If you don’t hook them they don’t watch and Nick shows you how.

2️⃣ The key moments: There are a few parts of your video that make all the difference and Nick breaks it all down here.

3️⃣ Engagement strategies: Even in a 30-second video, you have to hold distracted viewers attention. Nick shares his crucial strategies so you can keep them watching.

Bonus: Nick shares his full production process and system for managing it all. And it’s the same system he uses with client.s

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