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Advisor marketing

3 Steps to Turn Your Advisor Website into a Prospect Magnet

One of our recent blog posts demonstrated how high growth financial advisors are growing their businesses by making a prospect feel like a client and delivering value even before they are signed up.

The challenge that remains is how to attract the right prospects and get them to make the initial contact.

Advisor marketing

After referrals, the most cost-effective way to attract new clients today is digital marketing.…

Stephen Rhodes Successful Advisor at Strategic Partners Wealth Management

Stephen Rhodes On His Champion Client Strategy

Stephen Rhodes Strategic Partners Wealth Management

You want to help your clients feel like champions, right? Of course! Coaching and advising your clients so that they are financial superstars? Definitely, yes. And when those clients recommend you to their friends … You can all be champions, and create some serious growth for your business as well.

Stephen Rhodes, successful advisor and founder of Signify Wealth in Missouri, knows this first hand because his clients, which include professional football and baseball players, are actually world champions themselves.…

Periscope for Wealth Management business

What Is #Periscope, and How Can It Help Your Practice?

Periscope for Wealth Management businessIf you haven’t heard of Periscope yet, no worries – it hasn’t been out long and is only just being used by larger brands. It has a rival competitor called Meerkat (amongst other smaller apps), but as Twitter now owns Periscope, it may become a larger name in this space.

Knowing advisors and technology, it’ll be over three years before most people consider using it!…

16 Quotes to Help You Inspire Clients

16 Quotes to Help You Inspire Clients


When trying to inspire your audience about finance, sometimes your own words feel inadequate. It’s frustrating trying to come up with the perfect way to say something, especially when the truth is that it may have already been perfectly said.

When sending an email (either in the body, or as part of your signature), updating your blog, or tweeting something out – Use the words of these wise folks…

(Tip: Quotes are a great way to spark engagement with your followers on Twitter.…

The Top 5 Ways Advisors Use Their Tablet

The Top 5 Ways Advisors Use Their Tablet

In an advisor technology survey last year, 46% of respondents reported using an iPad or other tablet technology in their firm. When asked how they use their tablet, five noticeable trends emerged.

Here are the Top 5 Ways Advisors Use Their Tablets:

1. In-Person Client Presentations

ipad_printable_timesheetSome advisors do entire presentations on a tablet, while others prefer to run the presentation on a screen and allow the client to follow along and make notes on a tablet.…

Advice People Get About Choosing "The Best Advisor" and What You Need to Know

Advice People Get About Choosing “The Best Advisor” and What You Need to Know

You prep before every meeting.

Especially for a prospect. After all, your first meeting with a potential client can be make-or-break. You never go into this meeting blind. You have all of your information prepared and have a strong agenda laid out, feeling excited to hear their story and hook them into becoming a client. You do your research…

Magnifying-Glass-on-Paperwork-with-Charts-960x645…But so do they.…

Why Your Next Prospect Can Come From "Reddit"

Why Your Next Prospect Can Come From “Reddit”

The “perfect” prospect

You know the best time to meet a potential client is when they feel like they NEED the help of a financial advisor.

When they feel the pain of not having one. When they have a question about retirement, saving, investing, etc. that they can’t seem to answer on their own. That’s when they’re most interested in having a conversation (and potentially working with you).…