The Top 5 Ways Advisors Use Their Tablet


In an advisor technology survey last year, 46% of respondents reported using an iPad or other tablet technology in their firm. When asked how they use their tablet, five noticeable trends emerged.

Here are the Top 5 Ways Advisors Use Their Tablets:

1. In-Person Client Presentations

ipad_printable_timesheetSome advisors do entire presentations on a tablet, while others prefer to run the presentation on a screen and allow the client to follow along and make notes on a tablet.

“We use tablets both as a replacement for desktop computer (compiling research, email, social media) and as a friendlier way to present to clients. We have set up a large screen in the office connected to the tablet so clients can see the presentations, and interact with the touch screen and provide feedback…”

2. Remote Client Technology

A significant portion of advisors use tablet technology to host client meetings remotely using Skype,, GoToMeeting and other screen sharing hosts.

“The vast majority of new business is ‘virtual’ in that we rarely meet clients in person any longer. This allows us to be more efficient, provide lower costs to clients, work from anywhere, and reduce environmental damage from commuting (both us & the clients). We use GoToMeeting on iPads regularly to do face to face meetings virtually. When we want to jump to a portfolio review we just switch to screen sharing to pull up their Blueleaf profile. Same goes for monitoring their financial plan created with instream – we just store them as PDFs within Dropbox to show them exactly how they are progressing toward their goal. So tablets are huge for us. We can in many ways run our entire business (Redtail CRM app too) from a tablet, anywhere in the world.”

3. Email and Schedulingwpid-Photo-24-Sep-2012-14391

More than 50 respondents reported using an iPad for email and calendar purposes, especially while traveling.

“So far I can only use it with Outlook for client contact and calendar purposes. I wish our tech applications were more integrated.”

4. Compiling Research

Respondents also use tablets to compile research, read articles, and watch webinars or videos.

“I use the iPad for research and reading. I use Evernote to keep track of ideas that come to mind when I’m doing my research. If I read an article on new commodity products, I’ll record it in Evernote under my Investment category and revisit it once I’m at my laptop. I also use netX360 to view client accounts. I download conference presentations prior to the conference and use the iPad to view the presentation and make notes. I actually use it to work on MGP financial plans. I used to bring a hardcopy of Forefield’s Key Tax Numbers to every client meeting as a reference, now I just use the download document on my iPad. I view it using PDF reader so I can make notes on the document and quickly search keywords.”

5. Accessing CRM, Financial Planning Software & Client Portal

Respondents report using a tablet for taking notes and sending them directly to their CRM while on the road, pulling up a client portal during meetings to answer client questions, and creating financial plans on the fly.

“Utilizing an iPad, Apple TV, and MoneyGuidePro planning software we have shifted our financial planning process to an interactive model with clients in place of a “static” prepare and present a financial plan to a client.”

*Other Interesting Tablet Uses:

Filtering Clients: “I use a program called Goal Getter which lets me run a very quick analysis of a prospective client’s financial standing. I also have pictures of my family on my iPad (as well as the dog!) and I use that as a bit of a “perspobama-ipad-briefingective filter” as well. If prospective clients are just interested in numbers and the bottom line, then they’re not going to be a good fit for me. I treat clients like family (whether that’s a good long term decision or not is an entirely different issue), so they need to get to know me just as much as I need to get to know them.

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