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Let your Clients Be your Guide

Let your Clients Be your Guide

stock-footage-couple-looking-at-road-map-on-car-hoodYou’re looking for a way to better your business, and improve your relationship with your existing clients. If you want a tried and true way to improve client engagement? Let the clients be your guide.

Successful startups use customer data and feedback to shape their products, brand, and customer experience. They constantly iterate based on what their customers need.…

Scooby Doo and the Case of the Scalable Advisor

Scooby Doo and the Case of the Scalable Advisor

finance-scooby-dooIt’s the Halloween season, and we’re feeling nostalgic for costumes, candy, haunted houses, and spooky episodes of ”Scooby Doo, Where Are You?”.

Want an excuse to watch a Scooby episode this week?

Here’s a good one: Scooby episodes teach us a lot about keeping a formula that works, updating your formula, giving a stellar first impression, having a plan, and staying calm in scary situations.…

You Hired an Intern. Now What?

You Hired an Intern. Now What?

backpack-gq2011paris56September is here. School is back. You hired an intern. Now what?

Working at Blueleaf as an intern, I am getting the experience I need to succeed once I have my diploma (early!) this December.

I also have first-hand experience for the types of tasks the financial industry can pass off to interns – and with great success.…

3 Fixes To CFP's Website Delivered Complete Revamp

3 Fixes To CFP’s Website Delivered Complete Revamp

Dave Grant isn’t your average CFP® professional.

He’s also exceptional at marketing his business.

For starters, Dave focuses his business on serving a hyper-specific niche. As we’ve mentioned time and time again, this is key to standing out from the crowd. Beyond that, Dave has committed to content marketing, writing on his own blog as well as submitting guest posts to other publications, even here on The Blueleaf Blog!…

8 Articles You Better Not Miss from Summer 2014

8 Articles You Better Not Miss from Summer 2014

i-know-what-you-did-last-summerIt’s been a busy summer.

I know what you did last summer…. And I know what you DIDN’T DO this summer.

You’ve been in and out of the office. Maybe you took a nice vacation with the family.

But business is about to ramp up again.

Here’s a roundup of the Top Articles posted to The Blueleaf Blog over the past 3 months — just in case you missed any.…

Do Less, Deliver More: Lessons from the Tortoise and the Hare

Slow and Steady Wins the (Advising) Race

In today’s society, we all want things done quickly.

We want webpages to load in the blink of the eye. We want the waitress to bring our dinners minutes after we order. We want to go on a diet and be at our goal weight the next week.

We want immediate gratification. We want to see results now, even if we know it isn’t realistic.…

What's Wrong with My Blog? - Tackle These Common Mistakes

What’s Wrong with My Blog? – Tackle These Common Mistakes

You wish your blog was kick-ass.blog1

You see stuff written by other folks in the industry and wonder “How’d they learn to do that?” You work hard at your own blog, but still feel like it’s not making the cut. You want to get more views, more LinkedIn shares, and more emails from prospects.

How can you get people excited about your blog?…

How To Dress Professionally in a Non-Suit Environment

How To Dress Professionally in a Non-Suit Environment

Sex-and-the-City-2-001We’ve all heard the same tired advice about what to wear to the office. In some corners it rises to the level of religious argument about what it means to be business casual. And it’s certainly gotten more challenging to make the right choices given that the traditional business suit isn’t such an obvious option. Even venerable institutions like the Institute of Directors in London have experimented with “… jeans, T-shirts, shorts and all variants of footwear.”

So what is an advisor to do ….…