Advisors Need to Break Through the Noise to Engage Clients, Says John Prendergast on the Bridging the Gap Podcast

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Fierce competition for client attention is forcing advisors to be more creative in engaging clients, says Blueleaf CEO John Prendergast on the Bridging the Gap podcast. John sees a cultural shift in wealth management, with more advisors willing to experiment with new ways to market their services and prove their value.

Traditional advisors should move beyond quarterly reports and scheduled calls to effectively reach clients in today’s media landscape, says John. He stresses the importance of authenticity in professional communication. John discusses innovative ways advisors are using writing, audio, or video, to foster genuine connections with clients.

John delves into the transformative power of AI in marketing and communication, from altering professional photos to deploying chatbots for client interaction. Despite the financial industry’s resistance to change, he sees huge improvements on the horizon.

Hear the full segment on Apple Tunes: Insights on AI and Authenticity with John Prendergast

Watch the full segment on YouTube: Insights on AI and Authenticity with John Prendergast


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