Your Clients Spend 300+ Hours on Social Media

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Last Updated on March 30, 2024 by John Prendergast

Americans 65+ spend 285 hours on social media every year

My 1st reaction was Bu$h!t, but what I found worried me…

I didn’t believe it.

So I researched.

I googled.
I ChatGPT’d.
I (age alert) Lexis-Nexus’d.

It’s true.

Pew research and even the NYPost agreed.
↳ I thought hell might freeze over
↳ But that’s another post.

Then I remembered what a financial advisor,
not yet our customer told me
earlier that day.

She was worried about clients not following her well-crafted plan

She said they always have wonderful, engaged sessions.

Then clients leave the office
And nothing happens or
Just some of the things.

And it clicked for me.

This is just another measure of how the media shapes the narrative and client behavior.

True in every field, but particularly in wealth management.

→ So your clients can’t hear you, not really.
→ Not once they leave your office.
→ But there’s a way through …

Create a counter-narrative

See when you fight a story with a fact

You lose.

But if you create a more credible story

You win.

How do you do it?

After about 40 million client interactions,
We’ve got a pretty good idea.

Frequent client messages
1. Small insights
2. Frequently delivered
3. Relevant and personal

→ Automate this.
→ Cut through the media noise.
→ Beat out the client Distraction | Doubt | Fear.

Engage more, engage wisely.
Be the story, not the fact.
Create happier clients.

Your client impact will skyrocket.

PS How do you ensure clients follow your advice?


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