Your clients need more from you

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Last Updated on April 2, 2024 by Connor Prendergast

Your clients need more from you.

But you’ll be happier and they’ll be better off.

I spoke to an advisor the other day, looking at our platform.

He was talking about
A few concerned calls he
Got when the Dow dropped 500 points.

He spent a bunch of time talking those clients off a ledge.
Honestly, the recent stuff isn’t that big a deal.
But if happens a lot when markets are rough.

It was completely different than a call I had 20 minutes before.

→ For her, no panicked calls.
→ Just business as usual with
→ Some super client meetings.

She said she never gets panicked calls.

What is she doing that is so different?

She does:
↳ Planning meetings, monthly newsletter,
↳ Annual reviews, Quarterly reports,
↳ Birthday cards etc.

But she also messages clients 1-2 times per week.
Much “more” than most advisors.
But her job is “easier”

She sends simple messages:
↳ “I just reviewed your plan, looks good.”
↳ “Here’s how your money has changed
↳ it’s very different than the market.”

For her it’s email but it could be another channel.

Her clients know:
1. Where they stand
2. How they are doing
3. And their money ≠ the market

By doing a little “more”

**She changed her clients narrative**

→ She neutralized the worry
→ The media creates.
→ Everyday.

You can too.

She smoothed out the rollercoaster.
After we finished talking
I drew it out.

Do this and
Your clients
Will ‘thank you’


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