Financial Advisor close rate

How a Financial Advisor Closed 94% of Prospects

“94%? cough, cough (hand over my mouth) bulls*&t.”

Whenever I read titles like this I’m skeptical. Is 94% really an accurate number?

It turns out that this claim is true, at least for one Blueleaf user.

Financial Advisor Close Rate

One of the things I’ve grown to appreciate about the team at Blueleaf is their proactive nature. Every few months, their team reaches out to me to see if I have any questions about the program and to fill me on latest developments.…

Advisor marketing

3 Steps to Turn Your Advisor Website into a Prospect Magnet

One of our recent blog posts demonstrated how high growth financial advisors are growing their businesses by making a prospect feel like a client and delivering value even before they are signed up.

The challenge that remains is how to attract the right prospects and get them to make the initial contact.

Advisor marketing

Beyond referrals, the most cost-effective way to attract new clients today is using a digital marketing.…

Apps to help Onboard New Clients

Apps to Help Financial Advisors Onboard New Clients

Apps to help Onboard New Clients

Back in the old days, getting (and then onboarding) clients from faraway places meant phone calls, emails, faxes argh. Not anymore. There are plenty of easy to use apps to make the process a breeze for you and for your clients. Blueleaf client ScholarFi, a husband and wife team, have the process to onboard new clients sorted out.…

Client calls

How To Make Panicked Client Calls History

Client calls

We got a call from one of our customers early last week. Feedback from our users – whether it is positive or negative – is vital to help us make Blueleaf better. This feedback was decidedly negative.

Here’s how the call went.


Hey, I got a lot of angry calls from clients because of Blueleaf and we want to cancel.

Hostile Client Meetings

How to Handle Hostile Client Meetings

Hostile Client Meetings

Recently a client asked me to attend a meeting between her, her recent ex-husband and an insurance broker we have been talking to. The reason for the meeting was to explore getting life insurance coverage on the husband, to insure the alimony he was obligated to pay. Her attorney had missed this during the divorce proceedings, so it was going to be on my client to bear the cost.…

Landing page example for financial advisors

Getting an F on Growth? Here’s How Superstar Financial Advisors Do It

Blueleaf has a team dedicated to customer success, creatively called the Customer Success team. As part of what we do, we look for customers that are crushing their business objectives [by using Blueleaf] so we can teach other advisors how to do it too.

Customer Success team at Blueleaf help financial advisors win

Our Customer Success team talks with these advisors often to find out what they are doing that is working so well.…

Will the iWatch Change Financial Advisor Technology?

Will the iWatch Change Financial Advisor Technology?

iwatch 300x300Back when the smartphone (iPhone et al.) came out, various apps revolutionized how users managed their money. They were able to move away from the computer or visiting a bank, and manage their financial lives from a mobile device. With the introduction of the Apple iWatch to accompany the iPhone, apps that are on an iPhone can now also be used from the iWatch.…

Stephen Rhodes Successful Advisor at Strategic Partners Wealth Management

Stephen Rhodes On His Champion Client Strategy

Stephen Rhodes Strategic Partners Wealth Management

You want to help your clients feel like champions, right? Of course! Coaching and advising your clients so that they are financial superstars? Definitely, yes. And when those clients recommend you to their friends … You can all be champions, and create some serious growth for your business as well.

Stephen Rhodes, successful advisor and founder of Signify Wealth in Missouri, knows this first hand because his clients, which include professional football and baseball players, are actually world champions themselves.…

Designing the Review Meeting of Your Client's Dreams

Designing the Review Meeting of Your Client’s Dreams

Client Review Meeting

Throughout my career as a financial planner, I’ve tried many approaches at streamlining the task of setting up and getting data for client review meetings. This has been as simple as a brief phone call, but this can sometimes lead to a lack of data. On the other end, it has been as in-depth as requesting copies of a client’s statements and re-iterating their goals, but then the work would be too much for clients and I would get the silent treatment.…

5 Simple Advisor Tips from Rising Star Chris Hatfield

Chris Hatfiled Blueleaf ClientWant to be as much as a star as Chris Hatfield, a founding member of the Opsahl Group at True Private Wealth Advisors in Portland, Oregon? Here he shares five simple advisor tips that have helped make him a rising star in the industry.

1. Focus on listening.

Everyone likes to talk and mostly they like to talk about themselves.…