Sometimes Clients Throw You A Bone and Don’t Realize It

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Sometimes clients throw you bone and don’t realize it

In this case free research (and a twist)

No one loves competition but sometimes active competition can help you.

→ In this case, a competitor did
→ Research and announced it
→ At an industry conference

With the president of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), James Lee, CFP®, CRPC®, AIF®.

Their research showed
That client portals improve
Client trust, motivation & loyalty.

The FPA president said his business and his own clients have benefitted immensely.

Their research helped us even more:
↳ It showed that for a client portal, it’s
↳ Good if “power users” get
↳ 40% of clients active.

But the President of the FPA is doing a little better.
↳ His engagement system shows
↳ that every month between
↳ 70-90% of clients active.

We know that because (here is that twist):
↳ It’s just that he is OUR customer
↳ At Blueleaf Wealth
↳ For 10+ years.

And that is a typical result for our customers.

→ So our competitor’s own research,
→ And the testimonial they got, help us to
→ Point out our own competitive advantage.

So what is the difference between a portal and an engagement system?

A portal is passive:
↳ An engagement system actively reaches out to clients.

A portal is a single channel:
↳ An engagement system weaves together mobile, web, and messaging.

If you could engage your whole client base every month how much better would your practice be?


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