“Quality” Doesn’t Make A Video Viral

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Last Updated on March 30, 2024 by John Prendergast

3 counterintuitive strategies for viral marketing for advisors

Bypass traditional advice (this video had 7 million views)

I always thought that
quality matters.
And it does.

Just not how I expected.

The topic doesn’t need to be exciting.
↳ This one is about a Tax deduction.

The production value can be crap.

Look at 17 and 35 seconds …
↳ That’s my issue.

Listen at 47-seconds …
↳ What do you hear in the background?

Look at 51 seconds …
↳ Where is the lighting coming from?

None of that mattered.

Manage your viral expectations …
↳ Listen to what Nate says at 68 seconds

Here are the keys:

1) Borrow (steal) from successful creators
→ Borrow – Find viral ideas and adapt them
→ Steal – Clip viral openings and spin off them

2) Focus on tapping emotion
→ Any emotion but watch out for anger
→ Curiosity + one other (FOMO, Jealousy, etc)

3) Focus on quality of message
→ Initial seconds, land a great hook
→ Open and close story gaps throughout

It comes down to storytelling.
Most of you are already good at it in one form.
Learn this form and share your message by using these tips.

Can you tell me what the sound is in the background?
It doesn’t count if your name is @nate hoskin or @nick-meyer


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