How to Get Clients to Appreciate You: Blueleaf CEO John Prendergast on the Model FA Podcast

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Last Updated on January 23, 2024 by Connor Prendergast

Automation is the key to personalized communication with clients without an unscalable amount of work for the advisor, says Blueleaf CEO John Prendergast on the latest episode of the popular Model FA podcast.

Through automation, you’re creating an opportunity for many small touchpoints with your clients to educate them about their money, and the way it changes over time.

Advisors today are competing with media for clients’ attention. Clients hear conflicting financial news every day and they naturally get nervous about where they stand with their money. There’s an opportunity for advisors to be that trusted source of information, and for clients to appreciate the value of their service.

A sample of topics discussed on the podcast:

  • Client engagement and AI in financial advising.
  • Personalized financial updates and their impact on client trust.
  • Overcoming fear and innovating in business and financial services.
  • Taking bold actions, learning from failures, and deepening client relationships.
  • Storytelling and AI in advisor-client interactions.

The Model FA podcast features actionable ideas for fiduciary financial advisors. 

Listen to the full podcast: Stop Living in Fear: 3 Ways Advisors Can Take Risks Without Failure with John Prendergast

Watch the podcast on YouTube: Stop Living in Fear: 3 Ways Advisors Can Take Risks Without Failure with John Prendergast


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