How This Financial Advisor ACTUALLY Makes Boring Topics Viral – A Marketing Whiz


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In This Episode

If you want to learn financial advisor marketing, you’ll want to learn from Nate. Nate Hoskin is the 3rd most followed CFP in the world across social media. He dares you to come take his title and he’ll even help you do it.

How do you make a boring topic like Tax go viral? How do you build for conversion and not just views? And how do you build a system to simplify making successful content? We talk about these questions and how Nate developed his skill to make it all happen.

I’ve been following Nate for a while now and I really enjoy the variety of his content. But for me what sets Nate apart is his reliability while talking about the boring stuff.

Nate breaks down:

1. How he drove 7.1 million views of a single video

2. Built a conversion system to drive leads for his business

3. How he manages all his content creation.


1,000 True Fans –

Notion Template – N2

Nates Agency –

Our Guest

At 25 years old, Nate Hoskin is one of the world’s youngest CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) practitioners. As the founder of Hoskin Capital, a Denver-based financial planning firm, Nate helps HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet) make financial freedom inevitable. Nate is dedicated to educating others about personal finance through his popular TikTok account @natehoskin, boasting over 227,000 followers. Nate is also a co-founder of N2 Content Marketing, where he trains other advisors to build their practice using short-form video. His success on social media has garnered recognition in media outlets including Business Insider and the Denver Business Journal and accolades, including Investopedia’s Top 100 Most Influential Financial Advisors, the 2023 Wealth Management Rising Star of the Year, and inclusion in Inno Colorado’s 25 Under 25 list.

Episode Summary:

This is a great episode. It’s the first of our rebooted show and I’m excited to share it with you.

This guy, Nate Hoskin CFP, a financial planner, has nailed it. He’s got over 226,000 followers and 46 million views on his videos. In this episode we dive into what makes him tick and how you can use some of his tricks.

Nate shows that the old-school way of doing things in wealth management is changing. Making videos for social media, is where it’s at. And the secret sauce is being able to connect with people online in a way that makes them listen.

But here’s the thing, Nate’s magic isn’t just about showing up online. He really gets his audience. He makes stuff that answers their questions and talks about what they want to know. It’s not just any content; it’s the kind that pulls people in because they find real value in it. And he talks about taxes and investing.

What’s really cool is how Nate keeps it real. He’s not about fancy videos; he’s all about being genuine and making financial advice feel like a chat with a buddy. This way, he breaks down walls, making his advice feel more approachable.

Nate’s also smart about the kind of content he puts out. He makes sure it’s super relevant and breaks down big financial ideas into bite-sized, easy-to-get bits. This approach doesn’t just attract viewers; it turns them into clients because they see how useful his advice can be.

Plus, Nate’s always learning and shaking things up. He tries out different kinds of videos and topics to keep things fresh and make sure his audience stays hooked. It shows that to stay in the game, you’ve got to keep evolving and trying new things.

So, here’s the takeaway from Nate’s story: if you’re in wealth management and want to reach more people, media is your best bet. Focus on what your audience needs, keep it real and relatable, and always be ready to adapt. Nate’s journey is more than just inspiring; it’s a roadmap for anyone looking to extend their reach and build a business.


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