“I hope he NEVER pays us,” admits CEO of software company


Business conferenceIt happened yesterday.

During a 10:30am meeting in downtown Boston, the CEO of a financial services software company exclaimed, “I hope he NEVER pays us,” to a room full of employees.

Everyone nodded.

While most CEOs – and other top executives – focus their teams on how to funnel more and more customers through their sales process, and collect more and more money from customers once they’re in, Prendergast doesn’t feel the need to fit that standard. If he had it his way, a substantial portion of customers would go months – even years – without paying the company a single dime.

The ‘he who shall never pay’ of this particular conversation is a highly-regarded CFP® who is currently sitting on the longest runway of free access to Blueleaf the company has ever seen – and it’s a runway that is only getting longer.

“If he keeps this up he’ll have free access for life,” Prendergast counted.

What’s going on here?

It’s a simple equation:

Software user is happy + Talks about software = Free software for everyone.

It’s called a Priority Referral Program. (If this is not available with one of your software providers, ask why.)

Here’s how it works at Blueleaf: Each user is given the freedom to hand out 2 FREE months of Blueleaf to their colleagues and peers, simply by making an introduction between them and the company. Then, when the friend decides to subscribe, the customer gets 2 free months, too.

Give two, get two at a rate of 7+ referrals per year? You do the math. #HeWillNeverPay

How can you apply this in your firm?

Build your own equation.

CLIENT is happy + Talks about YOU = *insert something to say Hi and Thanks*

– It starts with a truly happy client. Referrals don’t work if the people you service aren’t happy with you, your value or the way you run your business. This is well-known by everyone at Blueleaf. Make sure your staff understands your business’ core values, too.

– Then, you need to be remarkable. Make it incredibly easy for them to want to talk about you. For us, we knew no one would want to talk about ‘decent’ software with ‘decent’ service, so we gave them something to talk about.

– Lastly, what you give in return must be two-fold. First, equip clients with the power to give something away to their referred friends, like we do with the 2 free months of Blueleaf. Second, give your client a thank-you by adding even more value to the relationship you share. Think about this for a while. Hint: Free iPads don’t make the cut.

What’s at the end of your referral equation?

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