Can you relate? “We throw marketing stuff out there, but engagement is low…”

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Last week’s marketing session addressed a big, overwhelming challenge:

“We’re throwing content out there, but not getting any response back. We’re getting ‘Likes’ on Facebook… but we have ZERO engagement with those people. I feel like our strategy right now is throwing content out there, but not knowing what to do.”

– Aaron Britz, RIA, CEO and President of Legacy Wealth Management, a fee-only financial planning firm

Do you relate?

It’s a common frustration.  To hit a mixture of his most hard-hitting questions, Aaron and I chatted for nearly 45 mins. You can watch it here and get the minute-by-minute list of topic changes below!

Here’s what we ran through:

0:31 – Background on Aaron’s RIA firm
2:22 – Aaron’s current marketing strategy & challenges
5:13 – Common cause for low engagement on Social Media & How to fix it
9:05 – One tool for finding ‘the right people’ and content on Social Media
13:24 – High bounce rate on your site? Listen in here!
17:09 – Aaron’s current website: Forms, content & tools – How to fix issues
20:15 – Quick tip to monitor phone calls coming from your site vs. referrals
25:01 – Reflect on which social media platforms are working best & most fun to do
27:27 –“I’m not a big writer.” Other content options (like video) & simple direction
32:31 – Aaron admits marketing isn’t enjoyable. Client meetings are. What to do?!
36:13 – Finding your target market online – where do we go?
38:50 – One piece of Aaron’s content was very popular. How to use it again!

Feel free to leave followup questions in the comments below.


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