Guiding Change

How To Introduce New Technology To Your Clients

Introducing new technology to clients is a challenge.

Let’s face it, whether you are a technophile with all the latest gadgets or someone who has just started to hear about a new company called Instagram, most of us are not experts at consumer behavior with technology. So rolling out new systems for your clients may create a little apprehension.…

How To Introduce Account Aggregation to Clients

introduce_account_aggregation_easyIt’s time to calm your nerves.

Rolling out account aggregation can be very straight forward.

The amount of work needed per client depends on the complexity of the system and that, in turn, governs how quickly you can roll out without an overwhelming amount of support requests. (Step #1 helps you avoid this.)

Ultimately a good roll out process is about communicating clearly with clients; what you’re planning, why you’re doing it and why it benefits them.…

How I Announced a Move Across the Country With Only Positive Feedback from Clients

I love the west, and my wife and I have always dreamed to live and grow our family there. Shortly after we married, we moved to Colorado Springs for a short stint before transferring to Georgia where I’ve since built a wealth management business with my business partner, Brian Pierce.

Over the past two years, our business has added clients in several states around the country and kept clients who moved away.…

Getting Clients to Go “All In” with Held-Away Assets

“I’m all in,” said Mr. Jones.

Hold on a minute people. I see all you poker players reaching for your chips… this isn’t a game of Hold’em. These are the words of a client when he’s found the advisor he can trust to manage ALL of his assets. When used in this context, these three words may as well come with sunshine, a beach and a margarita… because to most advisors, this is heaven.…