If Your Firm is More Than You, You Have a Culture

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Last Updated on March 30, 2024 by John Prendergast

If your firm is more than you, you have a culture.

Most of your cultures will create misery …

No matter if

You are a financial advisor with a part-time assistant
Or you are a tech founder with 100 employees.
Your own culture is happening to you.

Some of us will recognize it.
But few of us are intentional early on.
By the time we see the issues, it’s too late.

And eventually, things go wrong and team members talk.

A post yesterday from Brock Pierson had over 400 comments.
Another from April Little had over 200 comments.
There is venom toward employers.

How do you think these team members,
Perform for their customers?
How mission-oriented?


“We are a family” doesn’t exempt you.
It is too easy for good people to make a change.
But it’s so simple to set a different course.

An example.

April’s generous community liked up a storm
On a comment I made about my company.
It was merely enlightened self-interest.

But we’ve been intentional. And that makes ALL the difference.

Being intentional about your culture
→ policies
→ process
→ norms

Is as simple as asking a few questions.

For every process, policy, norm, etc in your company

Just ask:
1. What is the outcome we want?
2. How do we set the conditions?
3. Support our team?

→ How do I make them,
→ Work HOW I want,
→ The WAY I want.

If you stop focusing on controlling.
And focus on supporting.
Results will skyrocket.

Because your team is happy.

You know about compound interest.
This is compound interest,
On human capital.

How are you intentional about your culture?


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