Ever Felt Like a Moron recording video?

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Last Updated on March 30, 2024 by John Prendergast

Ever feel like a moron recording video?

Me too, but I fixed it (here’s how)

You’ve heard that video is THE THING

And you:
↳ Committed to video.
↳ But still feel like you suck
↳ After your 30-day challenge.

Good news.

→ In this video, I show you a quick hack.
→ If you’re good with clients.
→ It will work.

Just remember to
Cut yourself some slack.
You are learning a new medium.​

It takes time.

We are all still learning and evolving.
I mean, look at my pink lighting.
WTF was I thinking?

What tricks have you tried to get better at video?


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