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Periscope for Wealth Management business

What Is #Periscope, and How Can It Help Your Practice?

Periscope for Wealth Management businessIf you haven’t heard of Periscope yet, no worries – it hasn’t been out long and is only just being used by larger brands. It has a rival competitor called Meerkat (amongst other smaller apps), but as Twitter now owns Periscope, it may become a larger name in this space.

Knowing advisors and technology, it’ll be over three years before most people consider using it!…

Win More Clients With THIS Pricing Model

Win More Clients With THIS Pricing Model

“I’ve interviewed three firms: one said I didn’t meet their minimum, the other had a huge fee for just managing my investments, and the last claimed most of their work is done for free but they use some select products. Even I’m not that dumb. Is your whole industry so arrogant and f*&$ing confusing?”

Sound familiar?

Our profession (financial planning and investment management) is open to the rich. And if you’re not rich, the price you’ll pay is getting ripped off with huge commissions.…

Lessons Learned: Advising Families from Foreign Cultures

Lessons Learned: Advising Families from Foreign Cultures

diverseI recently started working with a family with a strong Pakistani heritage. The husband is a first-generation immigrant and his wife is an American-Pakistani (born in the USA, but of Pakistani descent). They are both doctors and have a great combined income. However, as we started discussing how their plan would be designed, it become clear to me that my whole education and experience was going to be turned on its head.…

Why it's OK to Lose Business to a Robo-Advisor

Why it’s OK to Lose Business to a Robo-Advisor

robot-handshakeIn the summer of 2013, I fielded a prospect call from a teacher and her husband. They were in their mid-30s, cleaning up some outstanding issues in their financial situation and ready to start planning for their future. They were well educated (both having Master’s degrees), had a solid combined income, and were well versed on financial matters. They had some investable assets in non-company retirement accounts but were looking to find someone who had experience with teachers to help them with their situation.…

Find Your Next 10 Clients Without Trying

Find Your Next 10 Clients Without Trying

freeIf you read last month’s post about creating automatic emails to your prospects, you’ll have noticed I glossed over how to get these prospects onto your mailing list in order to receive those emails. Let’s discuss that today.

For discussion’s sake, let’s say you are going to be offering your prospect a guidebook outlining some of your advice on a financial topic.…

5 Wordpress Plugins Your Site is Missing

5 WordPress Plugins Your Site is Missing

For financial advisors who manage their own WordPress website, the plugins that are available can significantly improve the look and functionality of your site. But what one’s should you use?

Here’s the top 5 that I’m using right now, having reviewed and used many since launching my site.


Every website with a blog that allows comments, should have a spam comment blocker.…

How Automation Can Win New Clients

How Automation Can Win New Clients

automationSo the phrase “Content is King” rings true for many industries looking to attract customers.

It’s the same with financial advisors.

Showcasing your knowledge and personality goes a long way to winning over prospective clients. But you could be playing the game all wrong.

Do people visit your website and then leave? Is it completely up to them to come back, learn more and then contact you to learn more about working with you?…

Is it Time to Bring Back the Home Visit?

Is it Time to Bring Back the Home Visit?

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 9.07.40 AMIs it just me, or is the whole “online financial planning” and “robo-advisor” angle getting a little old? It’s still a new approach, but it’s been written about and reported on ad nauseum. But let’s be honest, many clients won’t need or use it.

Whatever happened to the good-ol’ days when an advisor would leave their office, go visit with someone and talk about their finances and life.…

Have you heard yourself recently?

“Are you sure you’re not depressed?”

That’s what I thought about myself when I listened to some presentations that I recently provided.

Over the past few months, I have been presenting and hosting webinars about a variety of topics. Some of these have been for my RIA, Finance for Teachers, but others have been on industry-related topics.…

Shake up the Holiday Gifts

Shake up the Holiday Gifts

ribbonhand1When I was an employee of a larger firm, this was my favorite time of year. Vendors who we worked with, or were vying for our business, would send overflowing baskets of holiday treats to show their gratitude.

Harry David pears, endless flavors of popcorn, Lindt chocolate truffles – the list of waist bulging items was almost endless.…