Why we don’t raise prices even when competitors do?

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Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Connor Prendergast

Why we don’t raise prices even when competitors do.

Neither should you (3 pt. strategy for any biz)

→ It’s been in the news
→ Recently that a number of
→ Our competitors have raised prices. A lot.

We haven’t raised prices since 2014. It’s a strategy.

→ That is a decade of holding the line.
→ And we have added significant
→ Functionality since then.

This strategy is based on a simple philosophy. We believe:
↳ The only reason your
↳ Cost should go up is
↳ You get more value.

Here is our 3-point approach that delights customers and grows revenue.

Steal this:
1. Pricing should reflect value delivery
↳ Use more products, pay more

2. You grow, we grow
↳ You add clients (not accounts) to the system, pay more

3. Existing Customers are rewarded
↳ No price increases on existing customers, ever.

→ We still have customers paying us
→ At the same rates as in 2014
→ And we’re proud of that.

How do you adjust prices over time?


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