This advisor completely changed her approach to communication


This advisor completely changed her approach to communication.

Her epiphany wasn’t something I’ve heard before (big shift)

She said “As an advisor, we’re often taught to focus on the big moments:
↳ Tax time
↳ Plan reviews
↳ Annual meetings
↳ Quarterly reporting”

Reflecting on that, she said something that really stuck with me.

“I realized these moments are MY MOMENTS. Not my client’s.

→ Their lives happen
→ 365 days of the year, not just
→ When I plan to speak with them.”

And in between the big moments, clients are often:
↳ Frightened by the media.
↳ Nervous about the markets.
↳ Thinking they missed something.”

Then she said “I realized I have to connect more in THEIR MOMENTS”

Six months ago, she started embracing more frequent client communications:
↳ She decided on 1-2x every week.
↳ With personal updates – not general stuff.
↳ A combination of portfolio & planning with some aspirational msgs.

Like you, she had:
↳ Fears about the work to do all this.
↳ Concerns about overwhelming clients.
↳ Doubts about the value of more frequent updates.

But embracing this approach shifted her perspective and her practice.

More frequent, personalized communication resulted in:
↳ Predictable referrals
↳ Deeper client relationships
↳ Increased client satisfaction and trust
↳ Enhanced client engagement and adherence to financial plans

And with automation, it was actually LESS WORK than what she was doing before.

“Engagement breeds understanding and trust.”

And she said “If any of those old concerns pay me a visit? I will
↳ Review the positive feedback and testimonials from clients.”
↳ Remind myself of the deeper connections and successful outcomes.”
↳ Continue to refine and personalize my communication approach to meet client needs.”

It worked for her and it can transform your practice too.


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