Before I knew it, I was at the top skiing alone in the sun

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Before I knew it, I was at the top skiing alone in the sun.

It didn’t start out that way (entrepreneur’s life)

It’s been a weird year for skiing in the US Northeast.

But we were determined
↳ To have a family vacation while
↳ My daughter was home
↳ For spring break.

My wife came up but had to work that day.

→ So my daughter,
→ Her girlfriend and
→ I headed to the mountain.

We skied the lower half all morning. Easier terrain, nice conditions.

→ Then the girls swapped gear.
→ Skis to snowboarder and vice versa.
→ Back to the bunny hill for them, So I went up.

The terrain was steep and fast. My edges were sharp. And I flowed.

→ The clouds parted and I
→ Was alone at the top
→ In the sun. Sigh.

As I took the photo:
↳ I thought about how many times
↳ I’ve gone my own way, alone,
↳ And the clouds parted.

Founding the business. New product. Going Remote-first.

→ Satisfaction comes in the little
→ Moments after we commit
→ To our own path.

Each time the clouds parted and the sun shined.

→ The next day we all
→ Skied together.
→ It was a joy.

But the feeling of that moment alone lingered.

What paths have you taken alone that left you happy and grateful?


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