Another media story, clients are out on a ledge


Last Updated on April 11, 2024 by Connor Prendergast

Another media story, clients are out on a ledge

You talk them down (want to stop it?)

It pisses you off but you’re doing nothing about it.

→ Look, no one’s saying
→ That you can stop
→ The media.

But telling clients to “ignore it” doesn’t work and you know it.

Week after week you have to:
↳ Spend time talking clients off
↳ Ledges that they should
↳ Never have been on.

The media pushes them out on these ledges at every opportunity.

→ 401ks are a scam. 401ks are going away.
→ There’s inflation. Interest rates are too low.
→ It’s an election year. It’s not an election year.

There is always a reason there is danger lurking around the corner.

→ But the fact that your clients are
→ Repeatedly pushed on a ledge
→ You CAN fix that.

You can media-proof your clients.

→ You need to give them an
→ Alternative narrative that
→ Is their unique story

But the basics are the same for every client:
1. Here is your money. It ≠ the market
2. This is how it moves.
3. See how stable?

Every time you do this it’s another building block of THEIR Story

→ Do it week in and week out
→ Every time they are scared or
→ Come in with the latest hair-brained idea.

Calmly refer to your shared narrative.

→ Before you know it,
→ Something amazing will
→ Happen with your clients.

They will stop panicking.

I’ve seen it thousands and thousands of times.

How are you media-proofing your clients?


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