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How one advisor mastered client communication, got featured in the Wall Street Journal

Disruption is never popular at the outset. Traditionalists express disdain towards it. Moderates view it as a curiosity. Pioneers take a chance and are sometimes rewarded for it. This is rare in financial services, where tradition all too often wins over innovation. Not in this case.

CFP Katie Stokes is a pioneer. Katie initially shied away from Blueleaf’s automated email update feature before embracing the platform, mastering client-centric communication, and getting featured in the Wall Street Journal for her efforts.…

Why CNBC is Your Biggest Competitor in the Wealth Management Space

It may seem counterintuitive, but the media may be any wealth advisor’s biggest competitor. No, CNBC isn’t going to steal your clients per se, but the media can significantly edge in on clients’ attention spans, leaving little room for anything else (like sound advice, for example). The media has the power to spur panic, discord, and confusion, prompting many clients to take rushed or even reckless actions when it comes to their finances.…

Deciding what to automate is as simple as 1 2 3.

Personal automation doesn’t always give you more free time. You need to be intentional in deciding what to automate to avoid creating more work. To start thinking critically about automation, ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. Does the task require your personal attention to get done?
  2. Does the task consume lots of time?
  3. Can you avoid too much personalization? 

Automate Your Daily Routines

The most successful businesses outsource or automate everything possible so they can spend time where it creates the most value for them.

As wealth managers, we all know this intuitively yet we still do things by hand that could be automated. Often it’s because we just don’t know how to automate the task. We’re here to help fix that.…

Financial Planning Software that Makes Plan Operations Pain Free

financial planning software for easier operationsI’m going to vocalize a secret that I’m sure many financial planners have:

I love finding new clients and designing their plans with them, but I find the implementation of these plans tedious.

If you’re reading this by yourself and feel this way, throw a fist pump in the air, “Yes! It’s not just me.” However, if you happen to be reading in this in the presence of other financial planners, just shake your head and say, “He obviously doesn’t care about his clients.”…

I can run my advisory business from anywhere. Here’s how I roll…

“I Can Work From Anywhere, Man!” 

My 3-year-old son loves that song Johnny Cash sang called “I’ve Been Everywhere, Man!”, even if he only catches the word “Man!” at the end of each line. I haven’t been everywhere, but I can work anywhere, Man! When my son begs to go to work with his Daddy (and current best friend), he isn’t just talking about the traditional office in a building with a desk and chair.…

Independent RIA Says Filling Out Paperwork By Hand ‘Seems Silly’


“When it comes to technology, financial adviser Jim Koch is truly a pioneer.” InvestmentNews

When a ‘technology pioneer’ says filling out paperwork by hand seems silly, people listen.

Founder and Principal of Koch Capital Management LLC, Jim Koch is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a unique blend of finance and software development expertise from 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, and portfolio manager, Jim’s ability to think critically about advisor technology is far from typical.…

A “Data Problem” Grew This Advisor’s AUM by $1.5M

Certain “data problems” are actually growing advisory businesses.

A typical Thursday morning.

new york city viewIt’s a typical Thursday morning in New York City as one experienced financial advisor begins his day. Logging into his new portfolio monitoring dashboard, the advisor notices one of his clients’ accounts is reporting a doubled value. Sigh… a data problem.

He sends a quick email to the software company, “Double-counting of account today… Can you look into it?”

#AdvisorHack no. 2: Get Your Faxination

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Tim Meisenheimer of Streamline Financial ServicesStreamline is a Chicago-based next generation financial advisory firm that Tim’s elder, but shorter brother Toby founded 13 years ago. Both being former math teachers, they run a young, growing firm using tech hacks to streamline their business processes and in turn, the client experience.