Banking on Simplicity: Why Blueleaf is Everything You Need And Nothing You Don’t


Last Updated on July 20, 2021 by Carlo Navarro

The message should be clear by now: complexity is holding wealth management back. No matter how you spin it — fintech disruption, competitive landscape, quickly-evolving regulations — there is no reason wealth management should be this complex. It hurts the business as a whole, makes advisors’ lives more difficult, and inhibits great service for clients. Blueleaf embraces simplicity and we’re committed to adding clarity and simplicity to the lives of our advisors and their clients.

Simplify Communications With the Touch of a Button

In our last piece [LINK], we talked a bit about simplifying communications and favoring big-picture, quick-at-a-glance information. As it stands, advisors are struggling to keep their — and their clients’ — heads above water when it comes to information and communications. 

Blueleaf helps by simplifying reporting. Whether your clients have single or multiple custodians, Blueleaf helps you create easy-to-digest reports with big fonts and your branding. No more forwarding confusing, traditional reporting that confuses clients. Blueleaf makes things clear and understandable at first glance. 

Clients who understand what’s going on are less likely to be rattled in choppy markets or even leave because they know what’s happening with their money. No more manually building clunky spreadsheets. Instead, seamlessly create a branded, clean, formatted report that’s easy to deliver. Really easy. Seriously, you can send out invoices and reports in thirty minutes…tops. 

Introducing automated touchpoints keeps your clients in-the-know. Blueleaf helps advisors automate communications with branded update emails, opening the door to conversations with the touch of a button. If your client has a question about the information in the email, they just hit “reply” and you get their response in real-time, enabling you to head-off issues or quickly answer questions. 

Automated emails have been a popular service that our advisors say helps them become more proactive. Many advisors send weekly emails without fail — even during downtimes — to train clients’ brains that the ebbs and flows are natural. It’s a positive way to desensitize clients to volatility, which is guaranteed to happen.

Our customers also use automated alerts to quickly ping people who drift outside of their target allocations, even on held-away accounts. With our WealthGuard product, your clients get a text if they dip below a threshold letting them know you are working on their behalf. You get to be the rockstar that swoops in and says “Hey, let’s take a look at this and do some planning” when something is off-target, without actually having to hawkeye accounts around the clock. Your clients will know that you have an eye on their accounts and trust that you’re operating with their best interests in mind. 

Provide “Always-On” Service Without Being Handcuffed to Your Desk

Advisors are not only contending with uncertain market conditions, they are hamstrung by the way they manage operations. Blueleaf aims to help advisors simplify their operations so they can focus on serving clients. Our batch reporting feature allows advisors to create a simple report that can be downloaded and mailed or uploaded to the client portal with the click of a single button. 

Speaking of client portals, ours allows your clients to access the information they need whenever they want. Whether they’re curious about balance changes or just want to poke around, it’s available 24/7 and is extremely easy to navigate. 

Compliance is a thorn in the side of many advisors. The requirements are rapidly evolving and remaining compliant requires significant effort. Blueleaf helps simplify compliance in several ways. When it comes to billing, our reports are built to directly answer compliance questions. It’s easy to access necessary information, including clear records of transactions. Keep client communications compliant with our document vault, which is a secure way to share and archive information to and from clients. 

Less Guesswork, More Simplicity, Better Client Service

On top of simplifying communications and operations, we put our money where our mouth is in terms of product simplicity. Simplicity is a strategy at Blueleaf and we make it as easy as possible to use our product. Our customer support team can turn you into a Blueleaf Ninja in 30 minutes or less. 

Most of our customers choose us because we keep things much simpler than some of our competitors. No one wants to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a product so complex they can only tap into 5% of the system’s capabilities, even with a dedicated person managing it. 

We also take the guesswork out of client onboarding. Simply plug your client’s name into the portal. This triggers an onboarding email that allows the client to verify their email, create a password, and add accounts (401k, mortgage, etc.). That email also includes a short explainer video about what Blueleaf is and why it’s important. 

One of the areas where Blueleaf really shines is in simplifying periods of chaos. Our clients experienced this firsthand during the pandemic and subsequent market volatility. Our automated reporting simplified the process and kept clients informed and in-context which quelled fears so our advisors could redirect their attention to more unique and value-added client interactions. 

For advisors that specialize in areas like tax management or prefer to run lean operations, we help firms to streamline reporting without getting overwhelmed during busy periods (aka tax season) with manual report preparation. 

Blueleaf is everything you need and nothing that you don’t — all available at a reasonable cost. Simplicity is a strategy for us and it pervades everything we do. If you’re looking to cut out complexity, streamline operations and communications, and better serve your clients, reach out for a free demo. 

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Ashley specializes in content marketing for complex industries. She is passionate about helping fintechs tell their best stories.
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