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Use Video to Make Client Onboarding Less Painful

How to Use Video to Make Client Onboarding Less Painful

Is your client onboarding process long and tedious? The chances are it is.

Using video may be one way to help streamline things.

A client onboarding reality check

I just retained my family’s first financial advisor.

Experiencing the client onboarding process first hand from a client’s perspective was not fun.

I’m not putting the advisor at fault because it seems to be a problem with my clients and other advisors as well.…

Hostile Client Meetings

How to Handle Hostile Client Meetings

Hostile Client Meetings

Recently a client asked me to attend a meeting between her, her recent ex-husband and an insurance broker we have been talking to. The reason for the meeting was to explore getting life insurance coverage on the husband, to insure the alimony he was obligated to pay. Her attorney had missed this during the divorce proceedings, so it was going to be on my client to bear the cost.…

How Blueleaf Put Advisor Katie Stokes in the WSJ

How Blueleaf Put Advisor Katie Stokes in the WSJ

New software can be thrilling to learn about, fun to try, turn out to be “exactly what you’ve been waiting for” and change your business for the better.

This is NOT how Katie’s story started.

Effortless Client Communications

I called Katie Stokes, CFP®, Director of Financial Planning at J.E. Wilson Advisors, to say thanks after she raved to The Wall Street Journal about her Blueleaf.…

Center of Influence Marketing for Advisors Made Simple

Here is the latest idea from the field: Use the Blueleaf Sharing feature to drive your center of influence marketing strategy.

You know all about center of influence marketing and how working with other professionals like accountants and attorneys can drive great referrals. You also know it can be a huge waste of time with no near-term payoff.…

Is financial planning a "set it and forget it" process?

Staying in touch with friends, no matter how dear, is talked about more often than it’s tackled. Once convenience and opportunity finally merge, though, the hours enjoyed catching up simply fly by. The feeling can be bittersweet when the time comes to say goodbye. We realize while we may have caught up on the broad strokes of each others’ lives, there was little time for the details – the nuances that cement strong relationships to help them endure time, distance, and circumstance.…

Was Otis Redding singing about your advisory practice?

A lazy summer day. Good company and a cold beverage. No agenda, with the mellow sounds of Otis drifting over a light breeze:

“I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away
Ooo, I’m just sittin’ on the dock of the bay
Wastin’ time.”

Financial advisor time management

Relaxing, sun-filled days can be a great way to step away from your thriving financial advisory business.…