What is an API? Invitation to the Blueleaf Block Party

2 MIN READopen the door and come on in

Many of you know that Blueleaf has an open API.

What you may not know is how an API benefits your business. Today we’re going to fix that.

What’s an API?

API stands for ‘application program interface’. You can read more about it around the web, but to simplify things, just think about an API like a door.

We built a house, a door, and gave you the key.

You own a house that’s filled with your Blueleaf data. Your house is clean, organized and you love to show it off to clients. Blueleaf crafted a beautiful door with a sturdy frame. We put it on your house and gave you the key. Regardless of what happens on either side of the door (torrential rain outside or if you rearrange the furniture inside) your door is reliable. It doesn’t move locations and the framework doesn’t change shape. Simply put your key in the door and get inside. See the data you need when you need it. Easy.

Here’s a quick video intro to the Blueleaf API:


What can you do with your door? Why is access to your raw Blueleaf data so awesome?

  • You can build your own tools. With an API, we do the grunt work and you do the fun stuff. The possibilities for creating your own tools with this data are endless.
  • You can share your key with others. Give a copy of your Blueleaf API key to any of our mutual friends (aka integration partners) and they’ll be able to see inside your house, too. Opening your door for other systems to see your Blueleaf data is powerful – allowing for a truly seamless data experience.

Everyone’s invited to the party

Our open API invites everyone to integrate with Blueleaf. An open API is essentially an open invitation to our neighborhood block party. Once a system RSVPs to join the party, simply share your key with them, and your data is synced. Don’t see one of your systems on the RSVP list? Send them an invitation. Again, everyone’s invited!

Having an open API is our commitment to you – a commitment to transparency, collaboration, and innovation. Grab a drink and enjoy the party.


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Carolyn is Blueleaf’s in-house marketing guru. She writes on The Blueleaf Blog to make advisors’ lives easier, offering practice management and client engagement tips where and when they’re useful. Outside of the Blueleaf offices, she can be found running a 10k or cooking her famous chili. Chat LIVE with Carolyn on Twitter @BlueleafAdvisor!
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