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Financial Planning Software that Makes Plan Operations Pain Free

financial planning software for easier operationsI’m going to vocalize a secret that I’m sure many financial planners have:

I love finding new clients and designing their plans with them, but I find the implementation of these plans tedious.

If you’re reading this by yourself and feel this way, throw a fist pump in the air, “Yes! It’s not just me.” However, if you happen to be reading in this in the presence of other financial planners, just shake your head and say, “He obviously doesn’t care about his clients.”…

Is Your "Focus Long-term" Message to Clients Footnoted?

Is Your “Focus Long-term” Message to Clients Footnoted?

Your advice is sound. You tell clients to focus on their goals, keep their eyes on the prize, it’s the long-term that matters. You remind them to forget the day-to-day gyrations of the market; it doesn’t much matter and they have no control over it anyway. It’s reaching their goals that matters, not investment returns.

Those same clients go to their inbox or mailbox each quarter and open that report you send them without fail.…

Are You an Advisor or IT Specialist?

The Dream

Being an independent advisor can be a rewarding experience. You arrive in the office in the morning to review your business metrics and check for any unresolved items needed for clients. After checking email and voicemail messages, you meet with your investment team to discuss recent economic trends, review client portfolios, and submit trades to rebalance several accounts that have exceeded their model allocations.…