Account Aggregation

How Advisor Dave Grant Retained 100% of his New Clients with Blueleaf

I work hard to improve my growing RIA business. Attracting and retaining new clients is a vital part of this.

I test everything I can making decisions based on facts, not just gut feeling.

Client Engagement Test
So, while I’m already a Blueleaf customer, I wanted to prove if the investment in Blueleaf was worth it.

In other words, ‘Was Blueleaf helping my business?’…

Find Out How Blueleaf Automates AUM Growth

A typical Thursday morning.

It’s a typical Thursday morning in New York City as one experienced financial advisor begins his day.

Blueleaf AUM Tools

He logged into Blueleaf and notices one of his clients’ accounts had doubled.

The Advisor sends a quick email to Blueleaf’s service team.

“Double-counting of account today… Can you look into it?”

He’s left the office hoping they fix their numbers before the client notices the mistake in his online portal.…

Getting an F on Growth? Here’s How Superstar Financial Advisors Do It

Blueleaf has a team dedicated to customer success, creatively called the Customer Success team. As part of what we do, we look for customers that are crushing their business objectives [by using Blueleaf] so we can teach other advisors how to do it too.

Customer Success team at Blueleaf help financial advisors win

Our Customer Success team talks with these advisors often to find out what they are doing that is working so well.…

Explain Like I’m Six: Account Aggregation

Account aggregation. It was a daunting term the first time you saw it.

While most people in the industry are familiar with account aggregation technology at this point, you now face the challenge of explaining it to your clients.

You’ve invested in account aggregation, are excited about the capability to aggregate their accounts, and know it’s going to increase the level of service you provide (and rock their world), but how do you begin to explain it to them?…

A “Data Problem” Grew This Advisor’s AUM by $1.5M

Certain “data problems” are actually growing advisory businesses.

A typical Thursday morning.

new york city viewIt’s a typical Thursday morning in New York City as one experienced financial advisor begins his day. Logging into his new portfolio monitoring dashboard, the advisor notices one of his clients’ accounts is reporting a doubled value. Sigh… a data problem.

He sends a quick email to the software company, “Double-counting of account today… Can you look into it?”

Clients want great service. Does your financial advisory firm leave them hungry?

I’m spoiled. Yes, I’m willing to admit it. You probably are, too.

When I need to buy things like groceries, stamps, socks, and memory cards for my camera, I don’t need to go to the grocery store, post office, department store, and electronics outlet. Today I have my choice of big-box stores where everything I need is under one roof.…