John Prendergast on WealthTech Today: AI Tools to Use Now, the Future of Holistic Advice, and Data Aggregation to Streamline Wealth Management

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Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by Connor Prendergast

Blueleaf CEO John Prendergast and WealthTech Today podcast host Craig Iskowitz had an enlightening thirty-minute conversation about the most pressing issues in wealth management. 

In this episode of WealthTech Today, John discusses: 

AI tools that advisors can use right now. Continuing the discussion about the benefits and limitations of AI integration into wealth management.

Streamlining podcast production. Tips for easily editing audio and visuals. 

Blueleaf’s industry-leading aggregation-as-a-service (winner of a 2023 industry award) and its ability to simplify wealth management.

John shares his knowledge and experience from a career helping advisors run a more efficient practice. Hear the full podcast and read the transcript here:

WealthTech Today Ep. 205: Data Aggregation as a Service: The Future of Holistic Advice with John Prendergast, Blueleaf

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John Prendergast is also the host of The Augmented Advisor podcast, a ‘must-listen’ for advisors, RIAs, wealth managers, and B/Ds to gain real-world tools and strategies to succeed in a digital world.


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