Leveraging Technology & AI to Amplify Client Experience

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Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by John Prendergast

Leveraging Technology & AI to Amplify Client Experience – Blueleaf CEO on The Efficient Advisor Podcast

Listen to Blueleaf CEO John Prendergast’s engaging and informative interview on “The Efficient Advisor,” a popular podcast hosted by Libby Greiwe. John offers guidance for advisors who want to run a more efficient practice.  Four top takeaways:

#1.  The pandemic transformed how people of all demographics engage through devices. Did you know that 72% of wealth management clients 70 and older engage with online banking six times a month? That busts the myth that Grandma and Grandpa aren’t online.  They expect the same ease and frequency of engagement with their advisor that they experience with other services.

#2.  To achieve a high engagement rate with clients – 70% – 90% each month – advisors should plan on engaging clients 150 – 200 times per year. That may seem like a lot but much of it can be automated.  Blueleaf found that advisors who achieve that level of engagement tend to have happy clients with a long-term focus.

#3.  AI is a useful tool for organizing and creating outlines for correspondence and reports, but it won’t personalize in a way only you can.  AI is like a smart assistant that can do wonders with a little direction. As AI applications improve, wealth management will transform for both the advisor and their clients.

#4.  Blueleaf has a Book Club for management and employees, to continually further business and personal skills. Two recent picks: “Extreme Ownership,” by Jocko Willink, and “How to Tell a Story,” by Meg Bowles.

Listen to the entire podcast: The Efficient Advisor: Business Building Advice for Financial Planners.

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John also hosts The Augmented Advisor podcast.


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