International Podcast Day: 10 Memorable Augmented Advisor Episodes


Last Updated on September 26, 2022 by Connor Prendergast

To celebrate International Podcast Day, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite episodes from The Augment Advisor Podcast and highlighted a memorable quote from each. Hosts John Prendergast and Mike Langford have had the opportunity to interview a wide array of experts, all with such unique perspectives. Enjoy!


Ep 4: The Future of Financial Advice: A bird’s eye view with the NAPFA CEO

Geof Brown, CEO of NAPFA shared his insight on the effect that technology will continue to have on the industry:

“There’s one thing that the last year and a half has taught us is that technology is going to be a huge enabler. And that client experience is paramount. There are a lot of firms who haven’t seen clients, physically face-to-face in quite some time. But that doesn’t mean that the work has stopped.”


Ep 19 – How Delivering Services Beyond Financial Advice Can Help You Grow And Retain Your Client Base

Lacy Garcia, Founder and CEO of Willow, shared her thoughts on ways to better support female entrepreneurs:


Ep 21:  Serving the Family: How Financial Advisors Can Attract Extended Family and Retain Heirs as Clients

Andrew Crowell,  Vice Chairman, Wealth Management, D.A. Davidson & Co shared his thoughts on how advisors can connect with younger generations:

“If [advisors] are still using the old telephone as their primary communication vehicle and they never got into email and text message and they havent embraced virtual meetings with Zoom, or what have you, then they’re missing out on the way in which these generations are now communicating.”


Ep 20 – How Financial Advisors Can Leverage Self Directed IRAs to Deliver True Holistic Advice And Get Paid

Henry Yoshida, CEO of Rocket Dollar, shared the weirdest investment that he has seen in a self-directed IRA:

“So we’re in Texas. We do have people that own cattle. Cattle’s not just for eating, you know, in the state of Texas, it’s an investment. And then if you own land and you put cattle on your land, it’s actually a tax break as well.”


Ep 22 – Investing During A Period Of Volatility And Disruption

Michael Lane, Head of US Wealth Advisory at iShares by BlackRock shares why it’s important to understand your client’s values:


Ep 9 – Buying or Selling a Wealth Management Business: You Have More Options Than You May Think

Aaron Hasler and Scott Wetzel, from SkyView Partners shared more about the benefits of growing wealth management businesses via M&A:

“It’s a much better way to go. Bringing on, you know, a client base, a hundred, 250, 300 million at a time versus organically.” – Scott Wetzel

“And to add to that, I think technology has gotten better for this industry by a lot in the last five years. And so that really does allow firms to add another two to 300 households effectively and efficiently. And it makes a huge impact on their revenue and their profitability.” – Aaron Hasler


Ep 15 – How Financial Advisors Can Use Behavioral Finance To Grow Their Business And Better Serve Their Clients

Dan Egan, Director of Behavioral Finance and Investing at Betterment, reflected on how financial advisors can use behavioral finance to better serve clients:

“The more that an advisor doesn’t take into account how their clients are different [from] them, the bigger the gap created… There’s a duality of growing small and being high quality in your space, but also thinking about the next segment of your career and how what you’re working on today is going to allow you to have grown into something better five years from now.”


Ep 12 – The $20 Trillion Opportunity in Wealth Management – The Rise of Women as The Primary Controllers of Wealth

Laura Gregg, Senior Vice President, and Director of Practice Management & Advisor Research at Northern Trust’s FlexShares ETFs, shared more about the $30 trillion opportunity:


Ep 17 – How Personalized Portfolios Powered By AI And Machine Learning Are Helping Financial Advisors Attract Millennial And Gen-Z Investors

Samir Vasavada, CEO of Vise and Runik Mehrotra, President and Chief Investment Officer of Vise, shared their perspective on working with younger investors:

“We still have this fundamental belief that the advisor is not going to go away as a result of technology. I know the traditional robo-advisors personal financial management is not going to replace the advisor. The relationship is still critical, but the relationship that Gen-Z and Millennials expect to have with their advisor is vastly different then how the baby boomers before them had.”


Ep 18 – New Account Aggregation Approaches Are Creating Fantastic Opportunities For Financial Advisors

Jason O’Shaughnessy, Head of International Business at Envestnet | Yodlee, breaks down account aggregation: 


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