How Financial Advisors Can Use Behavioral Finance To Grow Their Business And Better Serve Their Clients

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In this Episode

Dan Egan, Director of Behavioral Finance and Investing at Betterment explains how financial advisors can leverage new strategies to grow their business. John, Mike, and Dan tackle things like the Impact of free financial products and services on the wealth management industry and how it affects the end client. They also attempt to answer the burning question of “If a computer does it… can we call it financial advice?”

Our Guest

Dan Egan, Director of Behavior Science and Investing, Betterment

Dan is in charge of Behavioral Science and Investing at Betterment, where he integrates behavioral finance and passive investment management to help customers achieve their goals. In Dan’s view, Betterment is the most behaviorally informed investing platform available – everything from their interface to their portfolios are intelligently designed to make good behavior automatic, and bad behavior difficult. As a result, Betterment’s customers have the lowest behavior gap he knows of – i.e. they don’t reduce their returns because of trading.


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