How To Drive High Quality Investment Returns By Aligning Client Values And ESG Investing Strategies

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ESG investing isn’t just for Hippies and Gen-Z. It’s about driving returns and growing your practice.

James Katz, CEO of Humankind Investments and Nick Cantrell, Founder of Green Future Wealth Management discuss all things ESG. Studies indicate that ESG investing themes are growing in importance to your clients, even if they haven’t said anything to you.

But why? And how do you go about offering ESG investments “the right way” to your clients?

Our guests

James Katz is the founder and CEO of Humankind Investments. He is an experienced quantitative equity analyst and data scientist, having worked as an analyst at Vanguard prior to founding Humankind. He holds a PhD from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. 

Humankind Investments is a quantitatively driven investment manager focused on socially responsible investments that was founded on the premise that it would be better for all of us if we widened our perspective and paid close attention to how our investments impacted humankind. Our mission is to give investors concrete and measurable ways to invest in a manner that generates rewards for themselves and for humanity. We offer socially responsible portfolio management services for high-net-worth individuals and institutional clients as well as exchange traded fund products.

Nick Cantrell founded Green Future Wealth Management to provide holistic financial planning that is independent, and deeply rooted in the values of his clients. Nick specializes in helping clients with complex retirement income planning, particularly integrating government pensions and Social Security plans with invested assets to maximize income, tax efficiency, and legacy benefits. He also works with clients to help them align their values with their financial planning, through the use of socially responsible and values-based investments and charitable funds.


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