Give Me Something To Share! Thoughts and an Infographic for Advisors Audiences


The Interplay Between Audience and Channel

You’ve got to get outside of yourself, your business, and your industry, and into the minds of your audience in order to be as effective as possible on social media. Understanding the types of content that your audience relates to is going to take some trial and error, but your content strategy–what you’re sharing, why, where and when–is a bit more scientific. A refreshingly readable Mashable article on Facebook, a platform I’ve always found difficult for brands, made it clear to me that repetitive is boring. Twitter is a great place for information sharing, so, naturally, blog posts spread nicely there. But not on Facebook. Your audience knows they can get your blog posts from Twitter, your website, or their email, and they don’t want to see the same shit on Facebook. People are there for different reasons, and they get annoyed when you use the channel as just another RSS feed. Your audience on Facebook requires a different type of engagement; completely original content and a complementing strategy. As the author writes, “Facebook is an entirely different animal, you can’t just repopulate your entire website onto it.”

Our Audience, And Yours

Our audience is–hopefully!–you: finance professionals. We’re fortunate to have such a specific audience. You, however, are not so lucky. Your audience varies greatly demographically, psychographically, and otherwise. Here on The Scalable Advisor, we typically write to and for advisors, but this time I’m going to try something a bit different. I’m going to try to give you something to share to your audience. Without further ado, here it is, a lovely infographic breaking down how to plan for retirement:

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DJ is a freelance writer, hopeful photographer, and social media has-been. He writes to financial advisors about lifehacks, science, technology, business and marketing for Blueleaf, a software that helps create dramatically simpler, more scalable financial advisory businesses. You can find DJ across the web ( or you can just follow him on Twitter (@djswitz)!
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