Integration With MoneyGuidePro!


We made a new friend!

We’re very excited to announce our new integration with leading financial planning software, MoneyGuidePro! Combining our secure, hassle-free, single-source data connection with MGP’s powerful planning tools, the life of a financial planner in the digital age has never been better.

With all of your client data in one place, including offline and held-away assets, data management is a one-and-done deal.…

3 Essential Communications Skills Every Advisor Should Master

1. Brevity

We’re all busy.

The same questions are always being asked. Every business person, financial advisors included, has a specific canon of questions they’re (incessantly) asked, and it’s likely that your questioner is aware of this fact. Have your answers ready. Craft them thoughtfully and honestly, but have them (loosely) memorized.

Be brief.

When somebody asks you for your “story,” or “why you’re an advisor” don’t um and ah over which details are relevant, just have a response prepared (these responses should take less than 2 minutes to recount, by the way).…

#Advisorhack: Leave Your Assets At The Office

It’s hard out here for an advisor…

Perhaps the biggest contradiction inherent to financial advisors is that the job itself requires two very different skill sets:

People skills (for earning, engaging, learning about, and managing clients) and

Analytical skills (to make sound suggestions regarding a clients assets)

These skills are often siloed in other businesses (think sales versus IT), but in order to be a great advisor you must possess both faculties and be able to leverage each of them appropriately.…

Telling Stories Part II: Know Your Story

Everyone wants your story…

Facebook was probably the first social network to figure out that humans crave a good story. And thus Timeline was born, giving us context (in the form of cover photo and timeline) over which to lay all of our little plot-points (statuses, pictures, notes, new friends, etc.) so that our digital stories are easier to comprehend.…

#Advisorhack: Time Is On Your Side

Time Is On Your Side…

It’s not what we say is a priority, but what we actually DO that’s a priority.
– J.D. Roth, founder of Get Rich Slowly

In other words, “I don’t have time” is an excuse, a lie. That’s why Nerd Fitness recommends replacing the common refrain, “I don’t have time,” with a different phrase, “It’s not a priority,” that actually puts things into perspective.…

Treat Your Clients Like Gods… Or Don’t (The Ideal State of Client-Advisor Relationships)

Author’s note: I received a response from the author of The Customer As A God: The Future of Shopping, Doc Searls. You can find that response in the comments, but what you need to know is that the content of his article in the Journal is not completely in line with the title of the piece. Sure, the title is ridiculous, but Doc didn’t choose it and doesn’t deserve to have his writing dismissed based upon a title he didn’t choose.

Parsing the Fears of the Wealthy

Eat The Rich?

Did we all catch The Atlantic’s feature, Secret Fears of the Super-Rich? Forgive me for the lengthy quotes–“feature” means 4 pages on–but here’s the gist of the piece in short:

Taken together, the survey responses make a compelling case that being fantastically wealthy—especially when the wealth is inherited rather than earned—is not a great deal more fulfilling than being merely prosperous.

How To Survive The Advisor Apocalypse

The End of Days

Is it real? Yes. When will it happen? Could be months, maybe even years. But to survive, you’ve got to prepare. And the first step in preparation is to understand the virus that is the root of the apocalypse: internet technology. I got early warning of the End Of Days from the Psy-Fi Blog, who wrote, The End Of Finance, As We Know It:

Industries have had their economics completely upturned by the interconnectivity of the internet, cheap, distributed processing power and the power of peer review. 

Advisors in the Mainstream (Infographic and Excerpt)

I browse the internet a lot less than you probably think I do, but somehow I managed to come across two advisor-relative pieces of content without even looking for them. This is a rare and frankly quite bizarre occurrence given my internet tendencies, so their relevance to you should be twofold. One, that practical financial advice is, according to the powers that be, worth thinking about, and two, that financial advice makes it into the media that young people read (because I am the appointed representative of all young people.…