Digital Engagement Lessons from Netflix & Facebook to Connect With Your Clients

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Last Updated on August 24, 2023 by John Prendergast

Become like Netflix, TikTok & Amazon w/ Advice Engagement Says Blueleaf CEO John Prendergast on AFO| Wealth Management Forward Podcast

In this AFO|Wealth Management Forward podcast, John Prendergast, CEO of Blueleaf, talks about the latest in wealth management, behavioral finance, and the future of advice. 

John talks about the importance of understanding clients’ behavior and psychology in wealth management and how contextualizing information can lead to better client outcomes. Find out what John has learned from more than 100 million interactions with clients and how you can leverage the digital blueprint of TikTok, Facebook, and Netflix to stay top of mind with clients. 

John shares a personal story of starting his first business, a Boston Chicken franchise, and how it shaped his approach to managing investors’ money and caring for his employees. He also discusses the potential for technology companies and banks to get more involved in the worlds of accounting and wealth, as well as the integration of banking, wealth, accounting, and insurance services. Discover valuable insights into the evolving landscape of wealth management and the significance of relationships and behavioral understanding of how people make decisions in a digital world with John Prendergast.


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