A Marketing Motto Every Advisor Needs and Scary Proof That It Matters


A candid conversation about advisor marketing happened on Twitter last Friday.

It started off innocently enough. Michael Kitces tweeted out a blog post about Sophia and her friendly, honest ‘About Me’ page.

and Sophia thanked him

*Check out Kitces “Weekend Reading for Financial Planners”.

We agreed, Sophia killed it.

But then a 4th person chimed in
and that’s when things got really interesting…

“Non-shady marketing” by advisors? A shock!

And honestly, that’s a shame.

Is your marketing like a “used car salesman”?

5th person confirmed: Honesty wins.

Then a 6th person wondered, Is honesty difficult?

Answer: It shouldn’t be.



This isn’t the first time marketing in the financial services industry has been put in the hot seat. But it proved we still have a long way to go.

Is Your Marketing “Shady”?

Are you coming across as a used car salesman? Without even knowing it?

It’s unfortunate. Froo-froo mission statements, vague information, missing details and cryptic messages are more common than not on advisor websites.

Be honest and transparent in your marketing. Visitors will respond. Honesty and transparency wins.

I can attest to the power of this motto. Blueleaf has always stood by honest, transparent marketing and the response is overwhelming. It’s simple to achieve, too. We just show visitors what we’re all about, no need for bells, whistles, or gimmicks. Here we are, this is what we do, what we stand for, what we cost

How can you do it?

There are many ways to achieve honest, transparent marketing, but there are a few big ones we stand by.

First of all, publish your exact pricing model right on your website for everyone to see. Don’t hide this crucial detail or make it difficult to understand – that’s the fishiest of fishy marketing tactics. Also, don’t be cryptic about what you do and what your service is really like. To achieve this as a software company, we let advisors use Blueleaf.com for an entire month at no cost. That way, folks are able to figure out if we are “the right fit” for them, first-hand. Even before the free trial, we open the conversation to questions from website visitors. You need to make it incredibly easy for new-comers to get answers to their questions without committing to a “consultation” or scheduled phone call, which can feel like a big step if they’re just getting to know you.

This is just the beginning. You need to breathe honesty into everything you do and make crucial details of your service offering incredibly transparent. Trying to capture leads with vague, jargon-y sales pitches like a used car salesman simply does not work. 

It may have been uncomfortable to read, but this honest conversation on Twitter just may be the reminder we all needed.

Honesty and transparency wins.

View the whole conversation on Twitter.
Photo credit: WordOfRod

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