A Simple Strategy for Financial Content That Works


Thinking through these 4 simple steps will put you in a position to create content that can make a real impact on your business.

Thanks to the bloggers at Helium for the brilliant graphic.

1.) PURPOSE – Write down why your business exists

An internal point-of-view about your advisory business and how it relates to the world. It will guide your content. This shouldn’t be limited to your views on money. It’s everything.

Question: Why do you exist?

Pro Tip: Beliefs + Values = Purpose

Exercise: Fill in the blank with 10 words or less. Make it personal, not generic.

We exist to_________________________________________________.

(Source: The Ad Club Blog)

2.) PERSONALITY – Describe your business’ personality

This is also about the larger entity, not a specific piece of content. It will determine your voice/tone.

Question: What makes you interesting?

Pro Tip: Personality is Interesting –> Interest leads to Caring –> Care leads to Conversion

Exercise: Answer these three questions, each in 25 words or less:

1. How do you change your clients, prospects or partners’ life?
2. What do you stand for?
3. Who or what do you hate?

(Source: AVC Blog)

3.) CONTENT – List interesting topics that align with the steps above

This should be all about the prospects, clients and partners that will be receiving your content.

Question: How do you help your audience accomplish their goals?

Pro Tip: Necessary Content = Appropriate + Useful + Focused + Clear + Concise

Exercise: Complete this checklist for each piece of content you create:

Does this piece cognitively engage (educate, inspire or pose a question) the reader?

YES  |  NO

Which emotion(s) does this piece target? (Circle one or two)

Joy  |  Sadness  |  Trust  |  Disgust  |  Fear  |  Anger  |  Surprise  |  Anticipation

Does this piece encourage doing something specific, does it contain a call to action?

YES  |  NO 

(Source: A List Apart)

4.) PLAN – Create a simple plan for each piece of content

The tactical execution for each piece of content.

Title: Is my title eye-catching, memorable or provocative in some way?  

YES  |  NO

SEO: Am I optimizing this piece for search engines without being a dick about it?

Metadata  |  Title  |  Body  |  Links  |  URL  |  Photo

Links: Does my content contain all appropriate links?

Sources  |  Resources  |  References  |  Photos  |  Same-Site Content

Visuals: Does my content contain at least one photo, video, graphic, audio or other piece of media?  

YES  |  NO

Conversation: Does my content allow for commenting, sharing and subscribing, if possible?

YES  |  NO


Sound like a lot of work? Yep, it is. We said simple, not easy. But, 1 GREAT post per month that matters is better than a bunch of content that doesn’t.

Pro Tip: The stuff that you subscribe to and then post sucks. STOP PAYING NOW & DROP IT. It has nothing to do with you, which is why it doesn’t work.

Your alternative is to either:

  1. Find the time to do a little bit of writing well or
  2. Read our upcoming article about ways to create financial content that matters without writing it yourself.

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