19 Ways To Describe Aggregation Without Saying The Word


“I’m giving you Tursipank. It’s awesome, trust me.”

Uh, okay. I hear you, and I may trust that ‘Tursipank’ is as awesome as you say, but I doesn’t mean anything to me. I don’t feel excited or helped. I actually feel confused and disconnected.

Our industry is polluted with jargon. And jargon is ineffective to an untrained ear.

aggreagation word cloud

‘Account aggregation’ can fall into the jargon bucket if your prospects or clients haven’t heard it before.

The thing is, this term actually holds a lot of importance and value to the person hearing it. So if you want folks to get as jazzed about account aggregation as you are, replace the with phrases they’ll actually get excited about. Here are a few ideas to pick from:

19 Ways To Describe Aggregation Without Saying It

(These phrases refer to account aggregation that delivers value directly to the client, not just your back office; aggregation that’s embedded with a client-facing portal, like on Blueleaf.com.)

1- See all your accounts in one place

2- A single spot to see all your accounts

3- See what’s happening with all your accounts from one spot

4- See what’s happening across all your accounts, together

5- Find out where you stand, any time you want

6- Finally get your complete financial picture

7- One place to see your complete financial picture

8- Know what’s happening in all of your accounts from a single dashboard

9- Finally see your entire financial life in one spot

10- Collect all your accounts in one spot

11- Pull all your financial information into one place

12- Compile all your account information to one place

13- Monitor all your financial accounts with one login

14- One login to view all your accounts

15- Compare all your accounts from a single place

16- Track what’s going on with all your finances, at once

17- Track what’s changing across all your accounts

18- Get a snapshot of what’s happening across your accounts

19- Have access to view all your financial activity, on demand

Account Aggregation prospects get “jazzed” about:

Blueleaf pairs a state-of-the-art client portal with painless account aggregation technology, enabling you and your clients to see all of their accounts in one place, together. Hosted in the cloud, Blueleaf gives clients direct access to up-to-date account information anytime, on-demand. Clients can find out what they own and where it is, every day of the year. Curious to see how it all works? Try it free.


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