The (Good) Robots Are Coming! How AI and Automation Are Helping Wealth Management Businesses Like Yours Today

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Last Updated on February 8, 2022 by Connor Prendergast

In this episode

Matt Reiner, CEO of Benjamin joins John Prendergast and Mike Langford to explore how financial advisors can leverage AI-powered tools and automated solutions to save time and expand their ability to serve clients.

Advisors and their staff spend so much time on repetitive tasks that can easily be automated today. Seemingly simple things scheduling a meeting with a client or a prospect actually take a lot more time and effort than we think. In this episode, we discuss how to augment your advisory business with tools designed to free you and your team up from the mundane.

About our guest

Matt Reiner is a CFA, CFP®, and a managing partner of Capital Investment Advisors, a $3.5+ Billion RIA in Atlanta, Georgia. Reiner is also the founder of benjamin, the first ever business support system for wealth managers. Reiner is an author, sought-after industry speaker, and podcast host.


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