Client Reporting

The Efficiency Problem

I want to know what parts of a financial advisor’s day are the most painful, the most mindless, the least efficient. I want to know this because I’d like to confirm my suspicions of an industry-wide problem: that the business of financial advice is largely inefficient, and that inefficiency lies in technology.

Two Problems, One Solution

I often wonder what the average day of a financial advisor looks like.…

Integration With MoneyGuidePro!

Integration With MoneyGuidePro!


We made a new friend!

We’re very excited to announce our new integration with leading financial planning software, MoneyGuidePro! Combining our secure, hassle-free, single-source data connection with MGP’s powerful planning tools, the life of a financial planner in the digital age has never been better.

With all of your client data in one place, including offline and held-away assets, data management is a one-and-done deal.…

3 Essential Communications Skills Every Advisor Should Master

3 Essential Communications Skills Every Advisor Should Master

1. Brevity

We’re all busy.

The same questions are always being asked. Every business person, financial advisors included, has a specific canon of questions they’re (incessantly) asked, and it’s likely that your questioner is aware of this fact. Have your answers ready. Craft them thoughtfully and honestly, but have them (loosely) memorized.

Be brief.

When somebody asks you for your “story,” or “why you’re an advisor” don’t um and ah over which details are relevant, just have a response prepared (these responses should take less than 2 minutes to recount, by the way).…

Is Your "Focus Long-term" Message to Clients Footnoted?

Is Your “Focus Long-term” Message to Clients Footnoted?

Your advice is sound. You tell clients to focus on their goals, keep their eyes on the prize, it’s the long-term that matters. You remind them to forget the day-to-day gyrations of the market; it doesn’t much matter and they have no control over it anyway. It’s reaching their goals that matters, not investment returns.

Those same clients go to their inbox or mailbox each quarter and open that report you send them without fail.…