How Financial Advisors Can Grow Faster and Provide Better Service By Looking Beyond Their Local Networks

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Last Updated on August 17, 2023 by Connor Prendergast

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Julie Pinkerton, CEO and Founder of ClientFirst by Evozen noticed a couple of trends that have likely affected your business in the recent years. First, clients are moving to other parts of the country well before their retirement years. This wave of movement has created interesting challenges for financial advisors looking to continue to serve these clients to the fullest. 

Second, the demographics of the average financial advisor’s client roster is changing rapidly. For many clients, this means their financial needs and experience preferences are likely different from those the advisor has served in the past. 

To help financial advisors successfully service their clients in this new landscape, Julie and her team at ClientFirst have built the wealth management industry’s first “national, fully diverse community for rainmakers to find, vet and professionally connect with each other as Centers of Influence.

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